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Can my Babysitter Drive my Car?

If you are worried about whether your babysitter is covered under your auto insurance policy, you need to read through the details of your policy. In general, any driver in your vehicle is covered as long as you give permission to the driver.

Short-term Trips

If you want your babysitter to drive your children occasionally, then you do not need to adjust your coverage. The basic policy will cover the babysitter or any other driver that you have given formal permission to drive your car. For short-term needs, it is completely legal and most insurance policies will allow other drivers to operate your vehicle.

Long-term Needs

If you need an adult to drive your children on a regular basis, then it might be necessary to add the individual to your policy. A babysitter or nanny who is a primary driver or who drives regularly must be properly insured to provide the best protection for your vehicle, children and the driver.

Allowing others to drive your car is legal as long as you have given formal permission, but you will need to get additional coverage if the driver operates the car on a regular basis. To learn more about auto coverage in Austin, contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis Inc.