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Cars Most Prone to Theft

Dean Davis Insurance agents want to remind clients that incidents involving auto thefts occur frequently. While statistics show that mid-sized luxury cars and pickup trucks appeal to many thieves, other types of vehicles are also prone to theft. Auto theft involves looking for easy ways to steal vehicles, and car owners can often take active roles in preventing auto theft by practicing a few simple strategies.

One thing any vehicle owner can do to prevent auto theft is to turn off the motor while paying for gasoline or making a quick trip to the store. Allowing the motor to run is a sure invitation to a thief who wants to steal a vehicle quickly and with little effort. Another thing to avoid is storing a spare car key in a special hiding place located on the exterior of a vehicle in case of a lockout.

Instead of keeping a spare key on the exterior part of an automobile or truck, the vehicle owner should carry the key in a pocket or purse. It is also a good idea to have the number of a locksmith on hand. One excellent way to solve the threat of auto theft is to have ample auto insurance coverage. For more information about preventing auto theft and obtaining an auto insurance policy in the Austin area, please contact Dean Davis Insurance.