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5 Great Apps to Stimulate your Mind

Dean Davis Insurance agents recommend that you take advantage of using free or inexpensive phone and computer apps for your mind. If you want to train your brain to increase its abilities, try one or all of the following 5 great apps for your mind:

1. Android Memory Trainer app

The popularity of the Android Memory Trainer app is due to its stimulating puzzles that get progressively more difficult with practice. The Memory Trainer also includes tips and a graph that shows users their progress.

2. Lumosity

Learn how to improve your memory and develop better concentration skills with the help of more than 40 built-in games. The free version of Lumosity includes three free games per day that include a Performance Index.

3. Android Mind Games

Perfect for short breaks, the Mind Games app helps you to memorize faces and improve your vocabulary. The app with ads is free. People who want a version without ads pay a nominal monthly fee.

4. Brain Power Lite

Apps for your mind include the AT&T Brain Power Lite app that interacts with your iPhone. Improve your brain’s comprehension of mathematics and logic with 43 games.

5. Brain Tuner Lite

Perfect for all age groups, the AT&T Brain Tuner Lite app only takes a few minutes of use every day. The app can improve your mind within a short amount of time.

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