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Your Family Pet Could Raise Your Home Insurance Rates

If you have always had a dream of having a house with a dog to play in the yard, you may want to think about your pet selection carefully. Especially when you have homeowners insurance, the breed of dog you select for your family pet can have a significant effect on what you pay for insurance, or if your insurance remains in force at all.

Over the years, insurance companies have identified several dog breeds that have been deemed as high-risk breeds. They are often considered to be possessive, potentially aggressive, and a significant insurance risk. Some breeders argue that these dogs may actually save insurance companies money by protecting the property they reside on, but the risk of attacks and bites make insurance companies shy away.

Breeds such as the German Shepherd, Rottweiler, and Husky are often discouraged by insurance companies, though they are popular family dogs. Other dogs that affect insurance are the Pit Bull, Chow Chow and Doberman Pinscher. Before you buy a dog for your family, you should check with your homeowners insurance carrier about how it will affect your rates. For more information, call the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis.