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Taking a home inventory just got easier, there’s an app for that!

In the past, it has always been difficult for homeowners to keep track of the insured items within their home. However, a recently developed app will make taking a home inventory extremely easy. Taking a home inventory is very important for homeowners because it will affect their claim in the event of damage to their personal property. The home inventory application, called Nest Egg, is available for all iOS devices and allows the tracking and logging of all of the items that a household has.

To use the application, the homeowner simply needs to add items through its easy to use interface. The application sorts the items by category, and allows them to be edited or deleted as necessary. The application can track the serial number and manufacturer’s numbers of each item, which ensures that all of the information that is necessary for an insurance claim will be available. Those that don’t want to enter this information manually can actually use the application to scan bar codes, which will automatically fill the input fields.

Those with more questions about taking a home inventory or homeowner’s insurance can contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis, Inc.