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Insuring Your Classic Car

When people new to classic car ownership first think of auto insurance, they frequently are surprised to find that it is quite economical. Most things associated with specialty and collector cars are more expensive than the norm. But insurance isn’t, and the reasons are obvious when you think about it.

Insuring your classic car doesn’t involve the same everyday risks associated with daily transportation in your family car or truck. A classic car is not a daily driver, but a collector’s item, a cherished and even pampered prized possession. It is not driven daily, and sometimes is not driven even weekly, or monthly. With increased care and handling, as well as reduced travel on public roads, the result is a reduction of risk to the vehicle, and hence less expensive rates for insurance.

Whether your collector vehicle is a vintage Pierce-Arrow, a Shelby Cobra, or a 1965 Pontiac GTO, you want nothing but the best for your classic car. The professionals at the insurance agency of Dean Davis understand that. Our product is peace of mind and security, and that applies to your classic car just as much as it does your home, your business, or your health and life insurance protection. We cover everything, and would love to cover your classic car.

Collectors of classic cars sometimes have a tendency to have more than one, and Dean Davis Insurance stands ready with multi-car discounts and companion policies to reduce your insurance costs, whatever your needs happen to be.