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3 Fictional Characters That Could Have Used Life Insurance

For many people life insurance is something they only think about when it is “open enrollment” day for their company’s benefits. On this day, many will agree to a few dollars to be subtracted from their paycheck, and voila! there’s instant insurance. The trouble is having only minimal insurance can leave your family struggling in the event that they actually need to make up for your absence.

Here’s a few fictional examples of characters who can help demonstrate the importance of life insurance.

First off are one of the couples on the NBC show “Parenthood,” Joel and Julia Graham. The couple spent one season preparing to adopt a newborn from a young pregnant woman, but when she changed her mind they began the process of adopting an older child, Victor. The experience was quite emotional, which can potentially cause some procrastination. With both of these characters being quite sensible, it is likely that there was a policy in place before adopting Victor which helps assure they are prepared for any surprises, and that lists one another and their daughter Sydney as beneficiaries. But with these policies, not everyone in the family is automatically named, so each person needs to be added specifically in order to be covered.

Cinderella’s Father

While the story of Cinderella turned out “happily ever after” in the end, a fairy godmother isn’t something everyone can count on. Before snagging the prince, Cinderella was at the mercy of her stepmother and stepsisters, cooking, cleaning, and running around in rags. Had her father made her the beneficiary of a life insurance company, she may have been able to move out and get an apartment, maybe go to college, all while still making it to the ball and leaving whenever she desired.

Snow White’s Parents

Even though the “Whites” were royalty, they should have still realized the importance of life insurance. After his wife died, the king quickly and foolishly married a woman who would become the evil queen who would have poor Snow White sneaking off into the woods, running for her life. A few dollars in her pocket could have done her a lot of good, but after her father died, his estate went to the evil queen due to the community property laws in the kingdom. An updated life insurance policy would assure that Snow was listed on the policy and that she is able to collect without penalty.

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