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The Different Types Of Life Insurance

Life insurance is extremely important, but some people may not realize that there are different types of life insurance, too. Each type of life insurance is applicable to different situations, which means that a policy holder may want to consult in-depth with their life insurance agent regarding their personal needs and the needs of their family. The three types of common life insurance policy are term life insurance, whole life insurance and universal life insurance.

Term life insurance provides the policy holder with a fixed amount of coverage for a fixed period of time, otherwise known as a term. This means that the policy holder might actually outlive their policy and need to purchase another one, and this is especially possible today as people are living longer. Whole life insurance provides the person with coverage up until the age of 100, and universal life insurance is a mix between both insurance types. The actual premiums on these insurance packages will vary depending on age, associated risk factors and the types of benefits and coverage being requested.

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Traveling this summer? Review your RV insurance before you get on the road!

Families that are traveling long distances in a recreational vehicle through Summer 2013 may want to make sure they have the correct auto insurance coverage. RV coverage involves many different factors, and there are a lot of things that might happen during a long trip. RV insurance doesn’t just cover accidents, it can also cover necessary repairs such as road-side assistance when tires blow out. Not having the needed road-side assistance could lead to some serious delays in a family’s travel itinerary, and might even necessitate some skipped stops.

Families traveling by RV should make sure that they have coverage for the RV itself, but they might also want passenger insurance to cover any injuries that occur to those within the RV as well. This means that, in the event there is an accident, the family members and friends traveling within the vehicle will have help with any potential medical costs. RV insurance should also cover the cost of any damages incurred to another motor vehicle. This ensures that the family is not liable for anything that happens by accident on the road.

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What do I do if I need to file a claim?

Filing an insurance claim may seem intimidating, but it really isn’t all that difficult. Insurance claims need to be filed the second they become applicable. The longer that one waits for an insurance claim the harder it will be to file the claim. In addition, many insurance providers will not allow a claim if it exceeds a certain amount of time. This means that it is absolutely vital for an insured individual to get on the phone with their insurance company the second that they need to. Most insurance claims can be completed either over the phone or online. Some insurance providers even have mobile applications that will allow insured individuals to take pictures related to the claim and to file the claim immediately.

All an insured person usually needs to do to file a claim is to speak with their insurance representative as soon as possible and follow their directions. If the insured person is going through an independent insurance agency they can call their agent to ask for further advice.

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Looking to Make your House Look Occupied While You’re Out of Town? Here Are a Few Tips!

When you are going out of town, it is important to take steps to make your house look occupied. Even though your home insurance will repair any damage to your property and may cover many of your belongings, it is better to take measures to prevent a theft before you leave.

Stop the Newspaper

A clear giveaway that you are out of town is piled up papers outside the door. Stop your papers to make it look like an occupied home.

Timed Lights

Put a timer on your lights to turn them on and off throughout the day. It will make it look like someone is in the house, which reduces you chances of a break-in.

Friend’s Car

While you are away, ask a close friend or family member to park their car in your parking space or driveway for a few hours every day or two.

If you are trying to make your home look occupied while you are away on business, a vacation or any other trip, you need to take appropriate steps. To learn more about your options in Austin, contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis Inc.


Texting and Driving? There’s an App for That.

The climbing number of tragedies related to driving distractions is becoming a public safety concern, and, consequently an insurance concern. The issue of texting and driving tops the list. While texting and driving is a fatal combination in many cases, drivers, especially the young, engage in this risky behavior. You can stop doing that, now. There’s an app for that.

The phone service mogul AT&T has created an app that enables drivers to avoid the dangerous practice and help lower the number of accidents and fatalities. The app is called DriveMode. DriveMode is an auto-reply app set to inform the sender of an incoming text message that that you are driving on the road and that you will reply when it is safer to do so. It works when the vehicle is moving at or above 25 miles per hour.

In encouraging safe and responsible driving, AT&T is offering the application for free. It is available on both the Android and Black Berry Platforms.

Dean Davis Insurance is a reputable auto insurance provider for the greater Austin, TX area. Contact Dean Davis today to get your insurance quotes and learn the possible advantages of being insured while using the DriveMode app. Stay safe.


Make your Home More Energy Efficient

Going green is a great thing to do in your home. It can help save you money as well as help protect the world we live in. There are a few ways you can make your home energy efficient.

Change the Light Bulbs

Fluorescent light bulbs are more energy efficient than regular incandescent light bulbs. It will cost a little more to do this initially, but it will help lower your energy costs and will last longer.

Replace Old Appliances

If your appliances are old, chances are they are using a lot of energy. This is why it is best to replace them with high efficiency models. These are designed to use less energy, though you will want to read the manual to know how to use them properly as an energy efficient model.


The better insulated your home is, the less air that can get in as well as escape. If you do not have proper insulation, you will find that your electric bill will be higher. If you do not have the budget for this at the moment, make sure all windows and door frames in the home are sealed as this will help insulate the home.

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