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Insuring Your Classic Car

When people new to classic car ownership first think of auto insurance, they frequently are surprised to find that it is quite economical. Most things associated with specialty and collector cars are more expensive than the norm. But insurance isn’t, and the reasons are obvious when you think about it.

Insuring your classic car doesn’t involve the same everyday risks associated with daily transportation in your family car or truck. A classic car is not a daily driver, but a collector’s item, a cherished and even pampered prized possession. It is not driven daily, and sometimes is not driven even weekly, or monthly. With increased care and handling, as well as reduced travel on public roads, the result is a reduction of risk to the vehicle, and hence less expensive rates for insurance.

Whether your collector vehicle is a vintage Pierce-Arrow, a Shelby Cobra, or a 1965 Pontiac GTO, you want nothing but the best for your classic car. The professionals at the insurance agency of Dean Davis understand that. Our product is peace of mind and security, and that applies to your classic car just as much as it does your home, your business, or your health and life insurance protection. We cover everything, and would love to cover your classic car.

Collectors of classic cars sometimes have a tendency to have more than one, and Dean Davis Insurance stands ready with multi-car discounts and companion policies to reduce your insurance costs, whatever your needs happen to be.


Why You Need to Insure your Delivery Vehicle

If you have a small business with a delivery vehicle, or if you use a private vehicle to deliver products for your company, you need to be aware of the liabilities. Insuring delivery vehicles properly is a critical component of running this type of service. Your private auto insurance is not going to be sufficient.

You will need to look into commercial insurance for your delivery vehicles. This lets the insuring company know exactly how the vehicles are being used, approximately how often, and who will be covered while driving these vehicles. If you are relying on your private insurance or the private insurance of your drivers, you will likely have a problem should an accident occur.

In addition, commercial insurance for your business can cover a variety of other liabilities associated with a delivery service provided by you.

Should you have any questions about your commercial insurance coverage or what type of coverage you may need for insuring delivery vehicles, we invite you to contact us at the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis. We provide peace of mind and security for businesses throughout the Austin area and can help you.


Your Family Pet Could Raise Your Home Insurance Rates

If you have always had a dream of having a house with a dog to play in the yard, you may want to think about your pet selection carefully. Especially when you have homeowners insurance, the breed of dog you select for your family pet can have a significant effect on what you pay for insurance, or if your insurance remains in force at all.

Over the years, insurance companies have identified several dog breeds that have been deemed as high-risk breeds. They are often considered to be possessive, potentially aggressive, and a significant insurance risk. Some breeders argue that these dogs may actually save insurance companies money by protecting the property they reside on, but the risk of attacks and bites make insurance companies shy away.

Breeds such as the German Shepherd, Rottweiler, and Husky are often discouraged by insurance companies, though they are popular family dogs. Other dogs that affect insurance are the Pit Bull, Chow Chow and Doberman Pinscher. Before you buy a dog for your family, you should check with your homeowners insurance carrier about how it will affect your rates. For more information, call the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis.


I’m remodeling my home, do I need to inform my insurance company?

Many people will take the opportunity of the warmer weather to make some home improvements. When you undertake these home remodeling jobs, there are a lot of things to consider. How much is your budget? What can you do yourself? Who can help you?

There is one thing that you may not even think about when it comes to your home improvement projects. That is to let your insurance company aware of what you are doing. Why? Well, there are several reasons. First, if you are using professional help or even the assistance of friends and relatives, you will be liable for any accidents and potential injuries. A chat with your insurance agent can help bring you peace of mind that you are properly and sufficiently covered.

The other reason to contact your insurance agent is because any significant improvement is likely to increase the value of your home. You will want to make sure this improved value is covered in your homeowners insurance policy is well.

When you are home remodeling, take a minute to remember your homeowners insurance and contact your agent. The Insurance Agency of Dean Davis will be more than happy to discuss your insurance needs. We service the Austin, TX region and are available to help you. Contact us at the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis.


Taking a home inventory just got easier, there’s an app for that!

In the past, it has always been difficult for homeowners to keep track of the insured items within their home. However, a recently developed app will make taking a home inventory extremely easy. Taking a home inventory is very important for homeowners because it will affect their claim in the event of damage to their personal property. The home inventory application, called Nest Egg, is available for all iOS devices and allows the tracking and logging of all of the items that a household has.

To use the application, the homeowner simply needs to add items through its easy to use interface. The application sorts the items by category, and allows them to be edited or deleted as necessary. The application can track the serial number and manufacturer’s numbers of each item, which ensures that all of the information that is necessary for an insurance claim will be available. Those that don’t want to enter this information manually can actually use the application to scan bar codes, which will automatically fill the input fields.

Those with more questions about taking a home inventory or homeowner’s insurance can contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis, Inc.


Can my Babysitter Drive my Car?

If you are worried about whether your babysitter is covered under your auto insurance policy, you need to read through the details of your policy. In general, any driver in your vehicle is covered as long as you give permission to the driver.

Short-term Trips

If you want your babysitter to drive your children occasionally, then you do not need to adjust your coverage. The basic policy will cover the babysitter or any other driver that you have given formal permission to drive your car. For short-term needs, it is completely legal and most insurance policies will allow other drivers to operate your vehicle.

Long-term Needs

If you need an adult to drive your children on a regular basis, then it might be necessary to add the individual to your policy. A babysitter or nanny who is a primary driver or who drives regularly must be properly insured to provide the best protection for your vehicle, children and the driver.

Allowing others to drive your car is legal as long as you have given formal permission, but you will need to get additional coverage if the driver operates the car on a regular basis. To learn more about auto coverage in Austin, contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis Inc.