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Is the Jewelry in Your Home Covered?

Homeowners insurance is a must to protect your home investment and personal belongings. The amount of coverage, however, depends on your policy. If you own valuable possessions such as expensive jewelry or family heirlooms, you should make sure these effects are adequately protected against theft and damage.

Most homeowners insurance policies will provide limited coverage for personal effects. Some policies cover up to half of the value of your possessions. Other policies put restrictions on the amount you can claim for such items as jewelry, silverware, furs, coin and stamp collections, etc. Depending on the value of your items, this coverage may not be enough to replace important valuables if they are stolen or damaged beyond repair.

The good news is that you can obtain additional insurance specifically for covering your jewelry and other valuable possessions to protect them from theft and harm. By discussing your options with your insurer, you can get the protection you need. Insuring your engagement ring, pearl necklace, diamond earrings or other jewelry gifts and heirlooms makes perfect sense for their protection and your peace of mind.

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