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My Employer’s Plan vs. Obama’s Plan: Which is Right for Me?

Many people are not sure what the Affordable Care Act means for them and their health care coverage. If you are currently insured by your employer, should you keep your coverage or shop on the Marketplace?

In most cases, the insurance you have through your job will be the best deal. Your employer, in most cases, contributes to your premiums. This will not be the case if you buy a policy through Obamacare. However, if the policy you have through your job does not provide enough coverage to be considered a qualifying health plan or if you are paying too much of your income in premiums, you may be able to get a better rate. Here in Texas, you can shop through the national Marketplace website to compare insurance costs and plans.

The Insurance Agency of Dean Davis has brought on a health insurance expert to help you navigate through all the confusion of the ACA, for more information contact us today!


Benefits of Working with an Independent Insurance Agency

Why should you work with an independent insurance agency? The better question may be why not?

An independent insurance agency can offer you loss protection products from a variety of insurance providers. This assures you the best coverage at the best possible prices. Since they are not tied to a single company, an independent insurance agency can search multiple providers to find the perfect coverage for your particular needs.

A captive agency is limited to the single company it represents. An independent agency is free to offer options, and of course, choices are good thing. An independent agency works for you, not the one company it represents. It is in their, and your, best interest to find the best insurance product at the best price for your needs.  If you are in the market for insurance services of any kind, look for an independent insurance agent in Texas who can offer you options. In Austin, that Dean Davis InsuranceContact us for your free quote.


Which Auto Insurance Do You Need for a Leased Car?

If you’ve decided to lease a car, you will still need to make sure that you obtain auto insurance. In fact, people obtaining financing from a bank or from an auto dealership lender will need to obtain specific auto insurance in order to make sure that the car is fully protected from certain kinds of damage. 

When you lease a car, your lender will require you to obtain both collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. You may also be required to obtain GAP coverage.

  • Collision coverage is the auto policy that will pay for expenses if your car is damaged specifically as a result of a collision.
  • Comprehensive auto coverage covers most other types of damage, including things like vandalism, fires and weather-related damage. 
  • Many leasing companies require that drivers take out GAP coverage. When you get into an accident, your regular coverage usually will cover expenses based on the value of the car at the time of the accident, not the amount that you paid for the car. GAP coverage will help pay for the difference between the value of the car at the time of the accident and the value of the car when you bought it. 

Contact Dean Davis Insurance in Austin Texas for more information about the type of coverage necessary when leasing a car.


What you Need to Know When Renting a Car

When you rent a car and are asked if you want to purchase car rental insurance, are you able to give a confident response? If you are like most people, this question causes you to enter into a momentary state of confusion. You actually have three options: your car insurance company, your credit card company/bank, or the rental car service. If you choose the latter option, you may end up paying more money. By just doing a bit of preparation before you rent a car, you can lessen the confusion of this situation and prevent unnecessary spending.

If you are not sure if a rental car is covered by your insurance company or credit card benefits, give the companies a call and ask. At the very least, confirm that you have comprehensive or collision coverage. If you discover that you have adequate coverage, obtain a copy of the details for your records.

For more information about auto insurance that includes rental car coverage, contact Dean Davis Insurance in Austin, Texas.


How our Health Insurance Expert can Help You!

Throughout the country, everyone knows that the implementation of the Affordable Care Act is having a massive impact on how health care is handled. Many people have questions about how the laws will affect their health insurance and what subsidies will be offered by the government. 

In many cases, it feels as though the government wants people to pay and change their health plans, without giving much information about what the options are. Customers need to understand what plans are available and what subsidies they will qualify for based upon income. To help clear up the confusion, Dean Davis Insurance is offering a health insurance expert to help clients understand what the new law will mean from them. They will provide you with the needed resources and guidance so that you can buy health insurance with confidence.

Those throughout Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas should seek Dean Davis Insurance to learn more about the new changes and ask any questions they might have. 


3 Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights

When decorating for the holidays most people don’t factor in the potential hazards that come along with hanging Christmas lights. This year when preparing your home for the holidays there are a few safety tips you should keep in mind.

Safety First

  • Create a Master Plan – Take a good look at your home from the outside and map out where you’d like to put up your lights. Look for places like eaves, pillars and windows to place your lights. Then move on to trees, bushes and other structures.
  • Measure the Area – Get an idea of how many strands of lights you’re going to need. One trick to use when measuring lighting for trees is to multiply height times width and double that number to get the correct square footage.
  • Work With a Partner – Using a buddy system while hanging your lights is the surest way to avoid an accident. If you don’t have a partner available try using an S hook and a small bucket to hold your supplies or an extension pole so that your feet don’t ever have to leave the ground.

For more holiday safety tips and tricks visit Dean Davis Insurance online. If you’d like more information on homeowners insurance in the greater Austin, Texas area visit Dean Davis Insurance online and get a quote today!


Health Insurance Deadlines

Open enrollment in the new Obamacare insurance plans offered by state and federally operated Marketplaces was scheduled to begin on October 1, 2013 to give Americans plenty of time to research and choose their policy before the New Year.

As the year comes to a close, it’s good to keep in mind upcoming enrollment deadlines to ensure you’re well within the enrollment schedule to get the coverage you need. If you want your coverage to begin by January 1, 2014, you will need to buy your Marketplace plan by December 23, 2013. You can purchase Marketplace plans after this date, but coverage will not start January 1.

The last date for purchasing Marketplace insurance coverage for 2014 is March 31, with initiation of coverage depending on when the policy is bought. It’s important to set your own personal deadline for buying your policy so you don’t accidentally miss out by putting it off too long.

First time insurance buyers may need time to compare plan options and prices in order to get the best deal. This research should be done now, keeping in mind the upcoming deadlines and what they entail for you. For help in choosing healthcare plans in Austin, Texas, contact Dean Davis Insurance, now offering a health insurance expert to help you with all your health care needs!