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Don’t Let Your Super Bowl Celebrations Result In A DUI

If you are lucky enough to have tickets to the Super Bowl this year, then there is a good chance that tailgating is on your game day agenda. Don’t let the excitement of the NFL game prevent you from taking basic grilling safety precautions. This includes cooking all the meat to the proper temperature and keeping all the cold stuff from getting too warm and spoiling. You certainly don’t want to end up sick at the game.

If your enjoyment of the Denver Broncos playing the Seattle Seahawks gets limited to a Super Bowl party, then you may need a designated driver for after the party. Drinking and driving has terrible consequences not limited to a DUI and possibly killing someone else. Making this mistake is an expensive decision that sometimes results in your auto insurance company dropping you.

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Buying A Car As A Present: Things To Think About

A car can make the ultimate gift, but there are a few things you should think about before making the purchase. Remember that when giving a car to someone, you’re going to have to do the paperwork appropriately to transfer the title. You’ll also need to think about the fact that an expensive car may lead to tax concerns for the person you’re gifting it to. 

Further, you need to consider whether the individual you’re gifting the car to will be able to pay for the insurance, and what the insurance costs will be. Insurance costs in your name may be different from theirs, which is something that you might want to consider if you are gifting to an adult child or another similar situation.

Finally, a car will require other items such as maintenance and repairs that should be considered. For more information about buying a car and the auto insurance requirements contact the insurance experts at Insurance Agency of Dean Davis.


Three Reasons to Buy Life Insurance in 2014

Have you made your list of goals for 2014? Is ‘buying a life insurance policy’ down as a top priority? It takes just a few hours, over the period of several weeks, to select and buy an insurance policy but too many people put it off or underestimate the importance of life insurance. This coming year, consider life insurance if:

You take on debt. If you pass away, your partner (or your estate, if only you bought the item) will need to pay the debt, and without their income, you may not be able to afford the payments. 

You’re adding to your family. Having a baby or adopting mean more expenses which will be more difficult to handle if one parent dies.

One partner leaves their job. Even stay-at-home parents provide economic value to the family, so they need a life insurance just as much as a person who’s earning a paycheck. 

Austin, Texas residents who would like more information about the types of life insurance can contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis.  We’ll take the time to listen to you to learn about your life and help you decide which kind of policy is best for you.                


Kitchen Safety: Know The Smoke Points Of Cooking Oils

Prevent fire hazards and burnt food by understanding what oils heat at what temperatures. As a part of kitchen safety, using the correct oils for particular cooking methods is essential. Smoke points in oils determine how hot they can be heated. The smoke indicates the highest temperature in which an oil can go before catching a flame.

For frying foods, such as chicken or frozen potatoes, go for oil with the highest smoke points. Safflower oil will heat safely to 475 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Sunflower and soybean oil, as well as clarified butter, will start smoking at 450 to 475 degrees. Corn oil will smoke at 400 to 450 degrees, making it suitable for frying in a skillet.

For sautéing vegetables, opt for olive oil, lard, or butter as these smoke at 325 to 375 degrees, which is medium heat on a stove top. The oil with the smoke point at the lowest temperature is vegetable shortening, hydrogenated, which smokes at 325 degrees. At the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis in Austin, TX, we take kitchen safety seriously. Contact us today to find out how you can further protect your kitchen with homeowners insurance.


Are Your Christmas Gifts Insured?

If you’re giving or receiving expensive holiday gifts this year, don’t forget that they may need to be insured. Your homeowners insurance may not cover items that are above a certain amount. Checking with your insurance agent is the best way to determine whether or not you’re actually covered for any claims. 

Even if your homeowners insurance does cover your new Christmas gifts or jewelry, you should remember that your insurance company will need to know about the items and that they will need to be on your home inventory. Remember to keep any documents such as appraisals regarding value and receipts somewhere safe. 

Proper insurance is essential to keeping priceless gifts and family treasures protected. Following the holiday season, you may also want to complete a full home inventory to ensure that all of the items that you’ve collected throughout the year are on your home inventory list and you have all the applicable information. For more information about insuring jewelry and Christmas gifts contact the insurance experts at Insurance Agency of Dean Davis in Austin, Texas.