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Auto Insurance Tracking Devices

Auto Insurance Tracking Devices

Usage Based Tracking Systems

Along with the typical discounts that are available to help you save on your auto insurance, many insurance companies are starting to offer usage-based insurance. Instead of using the traditional risk assessment, these discounts will rely on your real driving habits. There are two basics ways in which usage based discounts can work, including:

  • Good driving habits – with the installation of a “black box” in your car, certain driving habits and information will be sent to your auto insurance provider, as well as the number of miles that you drive. It will be able to tell your insurance company about the speed that you drive, as well as if you drive at high-risk times.
  • Pay by the mile – these discounts are based solely off the number of miles that you drive each day, and no other factors. They are used like a minute based cell phone plan.

These tracking devices have many pros and cons, including:


  • Less expensive premiums – just like with any other discount that you take advantage of, these discounts will help you save money on your auto insurance rates.
  • Better driving habits – when you know that you are being watched, you are less likely to engage in risky driving habits.


  • Overage charges – with the pay by the mile option, you may have to face heavy overage charges if you drive more than you say you will.
  • Installation costs and fees – certain programs will come with fees to have the systems installed in your vehicle, and a monthly fee to maintain the system.

For all of your auto insurance needs, contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis in Austin, Texas. We will work with you to ensure that you have the right amount of coverage, all at the right price.


Seat Belt Safety Tips For Kids

Seat Belt Safety Tips For Kids

Seat Belt Safety

Seat belts save lives. Many studies have proved that this fact is true, which is why it is so important to make sure that you and your loved ones buckle up every time you get into the car. When it comes to children, a typical seat belt may not provide enough protection depending on how old they are. Keep these seat belt safety tips in mind to ensure that your precious cargo stays safe on the road.

  • When deciding if your child is old enough to graduate out of their booster seat, use a safety belt fit test. When your child’s back is completely against the seat back, their knees should bend over the edge of the seat, allowing the lap belt to fit across the upper thighs. The shoulder belt should hit your child across their shoulder and chest. Typically, children are between 8 and 12 years old when they can safely sit with just a seat belt.
  • If your child passes the safety belt fit test, make sure that they know the importance of wearing their seat belt every single time they are in a car, whether it is with you or someone else. Installing this habit early on will help to ensure that they will buckle up for the rest of their lives.
  • When you set a good example for your children by wearing your seat belt, they will be more likely to wear theirs.
  • Do not allow your child to wiggle out of the shoulder belt of their seat belt. In order to provide proper protection, both the lap band and shoulder belt need to be worn.

Along with wearing seat belts, having the right auto insurance is the best way to ensure that you stay safe while on the road. Contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis in Austin, Texas for all your auto insurance needs.


Insuring Inherited Jewelry

Insuring Inherited Jewelry

Jewelry Insurance Coverage

Inheriting a piece of jewelry from your grandparents can be very sentimental. However, it can also be very difficult to know just how much it is worth. While new pieces of jewelry will come with a receipt to prove the value, inherited jewelry will not, which can make it hard to insure. Knowing how to properly insure your inherited jewelry can help to make sure that it stays safe for many years to come.

The first step in insuring an inherited piece of jewelry is to get it appraised. Your insurance company will need copies of the written appraisal in order to decide on how much coverage you need. The jewelry can then be added to your homeowners or renter’s insurance policy as a scheduled item. When you schedule an item, it will be insured for the appraised amount, and will be protected from perils that non-scheduled items do not have, including mysterious disappearance coverage.

Typical renters and homeowner’s insurance policies have a strict limit on the amount of protection that they will provide for your personal property. If you have any valuable items, such as inherited jewelry, the policy will not be able to provide enough coverage. When you schedule an item within your policy, you can rest assured knowing that the piece has the right amount of protection. The policy will pay to replace any stones that fall out, and will pay the full-insured amount if they are not able to replace the item with a similar piece.

For all of your homeowner’s insurance needs when looking to protect your jewelry, contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis in Austin, Texas. We will work with you to ensure that you have the right amount of protection for all of your valuables, all at the right price.


Getting Ready for Daylight Saving Time

Getting Ready for Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time Prep Tips

Are you ready for daylight saving time? Daylight saving time is on March 8th, which means that you have to turn your clock forward one hour to spring into the season. If you think that you are going to have difficulty adjusting to “losing” an hour of sleep, keep these simple tips in mind.

On that Saturday:

  • Exercise in the middle of the day. Vigorous exercise can help to advance the body clock, helping you to feel tired a little bit earlier.
  • Do not exercise too late. Exercising will also raise your body temperature, which will help to keep you awake. Since your body temperature drops when you sleep, it is much harder to get to bed when you are warm.

On that Sunday:

  • Get up at your normal time. Even if you still feel tired, do not allow yourself to sleep in. If you stay in bed, you will not give your body time to adjust.
  • Take a morning walk. The morning sunshine will help to advance your body clock and wake you up, even if you did not get a good night sleep. Walking is an easy exercise to get your body ready for the day.

In addition to the tips above, keep these general sleeping tips in mind to help you adjust to the time change:

  • Do not eat a heavy meal too close to bedtime, and avoid drinking alcohol or a lot of caffeine.
  • Try not to nap at all throughout the day. If you do have to take a nap, keep it to no more than 15 minutes.
  • Make sure your sleep environment is dark and comfortable.

All of us at the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis would like to remind you to turn your clocks forward to ensure that you are not late for work come March 9th.