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Tips to Improve Your Employees’ Health!

Tips to Improve Your Employees’ Health!

Benefit your business and your employees’ health all in one!

It’s no secret that employees are happier at work when they’re healthy. With the right frame of mind and improved physical health, your workforce can be stronger than ever. Of course, not every business is equipped to host after-work exercise groups or supply every member of staff with a gym pass.

Boosting your employees’ health doesn’t have to cost a fortune or steal time away from daily duties. Check out how your business can get started with improving your employees’ health:

  • Sponsor a healthy breakfast or lunch.
  • Replace sugary snacks and fizzy drinks with a bowl of fruit and bottles of water.
  • Host a “fitness walk” during lunch breaks or take walking meetings instead of sitting in the conference room.
  • Encourage employees to hand-deliver messages rather than using e-mail.
  • Provide worksite health screenings.
  • Pin healthy recipes to the office fridge.
  • Invite a fitness instructor to offer before or after work demonstrations.
  • Encourage your team to sign up for a local marathon together.

Of course, with employees with better health, your company will benefit! You’ll get.

  • Increased productivity among employees.
  • Reduced rates of absenteeism and illness.
  • Increased well-being among employees.
  • Improved physical fitness and stamina.
  • Reduced stress among employees.

Business owners, are you ready to get started on your plan to better your employees and company? Contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis to secure your business insurance in Austin, Texas to protect your company as it grows and evolves!


Baby Proof Your Home Before the Baby Arrives!

Baby Proof Your Home Before the Baby Arrives!

Prep your home for the upcoming arrival of your little bundle of joy.

If you’re a parent-to-be, you’re in a for an exciting time of life. Expecting the stork at any minute means that your life will change drastically. From 3 a.m. feedings to triple-tasking to making sure your child’s college fund grows along with them, your child will rapidly become your first priority.

So that your child doesn’t face daily household dangers (and you have less to do), put these tips into practice before bringing the little one home:

  • Keep long strings and cords tied up and out of reach.
  • Search your house for small items that can cause choking: dropped coins, buttons, flower petals, and trash.
  • Use anti-scald devices for faucets and showerheads. Lower your water settings and always test the water before dipping your baby in.
  • Install corner and edge bumpers for tables and other furniture to help prevent injuries from falls.
  • Add baby gates to rooms which may be dangerous for children (think basements, utility rooms) as well as at the top and the bottom of stairs.
  • Household plants can be toxic if ingested. Lift plants up from the floor and place them on a high shelf or ledge.
  • Replace all sockets with childproof sockets.
  • Remove all mouse traps in your home.
  • Anchor heavy furniture and appliances that could fall on young children.
  • Ensure that the baby monitor is working!

Before your bundle of joy arrives, take a moment to review your insurance coverages. Your homeowners insurance policy should be up to date with all of your new baby purchases, and your life insurance should ensure that your growing family has protection should you pass.

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Myths and Misconceptions About Bicycle Insurance

Myths and Misconceptions About Bicycle Insurance

Ride easy by learning what the bicycle insurance myths are and how it can cover you!

With gas prices steadily rising every month, it’s no surprise that people across the nation are turning to bicycles as their main form of transportation.

Bicycles have increased in popularity, and is now the third most popular outdoor activity among adults, with 12 percent categorized as “frequent cyclists”. For children, the percent is steady 22%.

While the basics of bicycle safety are well known (wear a helmet, utilize reflectors, and be visible and alert at all times), many cyclists are unaware or misinformed concerning the steps that they can take to further protect themselves and their bicycle!

Bicycle insurance is a specialized, stand-alone policy that can cover liability, loss, damage, and even some medical payments. With many myths pedaling around, cyclists should know the facts when it comes to insurance!

Myth No. 1: My homeowners insurance policy will cover a stolen bike.
Fact: Some (and we stress, some) homeowners insurance policies will cover the theft of a bicycle if it is listed under the policy. Even if your bike is covered, policies often have low coverage limits for things like sporting equipment. Owners who fall victim to theft may be faced with the replacement cost due to low coverage limits and high deductibles.

Myth No. 2: If I buy a secure bike lock, my bicycle won’t get stolen.
Fact: While bike locks do deter thieves, it doesn’t mean that the bike won’t get stolen. Expert thieves can easily spot high-value bikes, and even with the best bike lock on the market, they know how to make a bike disappear.

Myth No. 3: Only professional cyclists need insurance.
Fact: Whether you ride around the block with your children or pedal to and from work every day, protecting against liability, damage, and losses can protect your bike, family, and finances! After all, most people aren’t professional racecar drivers but we’re required to carry auto insurance on our vehicles.

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Simple Tips to Improve Your Life for Tomorrow

Simple Tips to Improve Your Life for Tomorrow

There are easy changes that you can make right now to enhance your quality of life.

In our day-to-day lives, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees. We can overlook some of the smaller, simpler things that can boost our happiness levels. Fortunately, you don’t need to make sweeping, dramatic changes to make your days happier and more meaningful! Improving your life can happen one step at a time – and one small change at a time!

Make the decision to jump on these changes to enhance your life!

  • Step outside. Walking each day can reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. AND it is literally a breath of fresh air. Need we say more?
  • Learn to read nutrition labels. It’s important to understand what you’re putting into your body on a regular basis. In addition, it may open to your eyes to certain chemicals, meaning you’ll avoid certain foods in the future.
  • Make your bed every morning. This simple habit mentally prepares you to wake up, focus, and start the day!
  • Do something nice for others. No time is ever wasted when you’re using it to do something kind for someone else.
  • Accept help. Don’t shut out the world when you need help the most. When we rely on others for help, we embed ourselves in the community.
  • Make time for yourself. Whether this time is dedicated to working out, meditating, or reading your favorite book, it’s important to schedule time to relieve stress and maintain focus.
  • Don’t live in the past. If you dwell on the past mistakes, they will continue to hinder your future. You’ll never truly be able to gain self-confidence and learn from your mistakes. Let the past be the past. Instead, focus on your future goals!

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