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Commercial Insurance for Small Business Owners

Although small business owners do not have as many employees or customers as large corporations, that does not mean they do not have the same concerns. Small businesses have to deal with the same problems, just on a smaller scale.

The top five concerns of small business owners include both internal and external problems. When it comes to internal concerns, talent management, such as recruiting and marinating staff is the number one problem. External problems that small business owners encounter include taxes, government regulations, and healthcare reform, and the functionality and reliability of technology.

Although there are many obstacles for small business owners to overcome, there are also many opportunities. Half of all small businesses are expected to grow in 2014. The 28 million small businesses that operate in America account for one-third of all employment in the country.

Business insurance is available for small businesses to help ease the mind of small business owners. There are three main small business claims made to insurance companies. The first is damage to the building or its contests due to an event like a fire or earthquake. The second is loss of income, such as if the business closes. The last reason is due to loss of data or company information, usually due to some type of computer failure or fraud.

The Insurance Agency of Dean Davis, located in Austin, Texas, can provide your small business with the best commercial insurance to fit all your needs.