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Tips For Spring Cleaning And Home Maintenance

Now that the temperatures are finally becoming more Spring-like, people are getting in the frame of mind to do all those Spring cleaning and home maintenance chores that have piled up all winter. Here are a few ideas you may not think of when it comes to your Spring cleaning and maintenance routine:

  • Hose off sidewalks, porches, steps and driveways to rinse away the debris and deposits left by winter. Doing this can reveal damage that needs to be repaired.
  • As you do your Spring cleaning, do a home inventory of your valuables. Not only is this important to update for the police if a burglary takes place, but may be important for your homeowners insurance as well.
  • Go over your property to remove limbs and trash that may have accumulated over the winter. These can pose a fire hazard or be physically hazardous to people and pets.
  • Visually inspect your roof and the sides of your house for possible damage. Having repairs made now may prevent water damage later.

Now is also a great time to update your homeowners insurance. Laws may have changed, your tax evaluation may have changed and the schedule list for your valuables may have changed, which may impact your homeowners policy. If you’re in the Austin, Texas area, working with a great insurance company like the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis can save you a lot of money on your homeowners insurance. Give them a call today and get a quote on updating your homeowners policy for Spring.