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SR-22 Basics

SR-22 Basics

Many people have heard of an SR-22, but not many people know exactly what it is. Luckily, you will not have to deal with an SR-22 as long as you have a safe driving record and do not have any lapses in your auto insurance coverage. Keep these SR-22 basics in mind to ensure that you know what it is if you ever have to use it.

An SR-22 is also known as SR-22 insurance or a Certificate of Financial Responsibility. However, an SR-22 is not an insurance policy, but verification that you have liability coverage for your auto insurance. An SR-22 is a state mandated certificate that your auto insurance provider files with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Most people on the road do not need an SR-22. A person is required to have an SR-22 if they were convicted of a traffic offense or were in an accident and could not show financial responsibility. You will also need an SR-22 if you have a DUI or DWI.

The cost to file an SR-22 is only around $25, but it requires you to show proof of auto insurance. Auto insurance providers consider people with an SR-22 high-risk drivers, so your auto insurance premiums will be much more expensive. Once you get the right auto insurance coverage, your insurance provider will file the SR-22 on your behalf. Keep in mind that if you move to another state, you will have to make sure that your liability limits and SR-22 requirements meet the new minimums in the state.

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