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Seat Belt Safety Tips For Kids

Seat Belt Safety Tips For Kids

Seat Belt Safety

Seat belts save lives. Many studies have proved that this fact is true, which is why it is so important to make sure that you and your loved ones buckle up every time you get into the car. When it comes to children, a typical seat belt may not provide enough protection depending on how old they are. Keep these seat belt safety tips in mind to ensure that your precious cargo stays safe on the road.

  • When deciding if your child is old enough to graduate out of their booster seat, use a safety belt fit test. When your child’s back is completely against the seat back, their knees should bend over the edge of the seat, allowing the lap belt to fit across the upper thighs. The shoulder belt should hit your child across their shoulder and chest. Typically, children are between 8 and 12 years old when they can safely sit with just a seat belt.
  • If your child passes the safety belt fit test, make sure that they know the importance of wearing their seat belt every single time they are in a car, whether it is with you or someone else. Installing this habit early on will help to ensure that they will buckle up for the rest of their lives.
  • When you set a good example for your children by wearing your seat belt, they will be more likely to wear theirs.
  • Do not allow your child to wiggle out of the shoulder belt of their seat belt. In order to provide proper protection, both the lap band and shoulder belt need to be worn.

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