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Baby Proof Your Home Before the Baby Arrives!

Baby Proof Your Home Before the Baby Arrives!

Prep your home for the upcoming arrival of your little bundle of joy.

If you’re a parent-to-be, you’re in a for an exciting time of life. Expecting the stork at any minute means that your life will change drastically. From 3 a.m. feedings to triple-tasking to making sure your child’s college fund grows along with them, your child will rapidly become your first priority.

So that your child doesn’t face daily household dangers (and you have less to do), put these tips into practice before bringing the little one home:

  • Keep long strings and cords tied up and out of reach.
  • Search your house for small items that can cause choking: dropped coins, buttons, flower petals, and trash.
  • Use anti-scald devices for faucets and showerheads. Lower your water settings and always test the water before dipping your baby in.
  • Install corner and edge bumpers for tables and other furniture to help prevent injuries from falls.
  • Add baby gates to rooms which may be dangerous for children (think basements, utility rooms) as well as at the top and the bottom of stairs.
  • Household plants can be toxic if ingested. Lift plants up from the floor and place them on a high shelf or ledge.
  • Replace all sockets with childproof sockets.
  • Remove all mouse traps in your home.
  • Anchor heavy furniture and appliances that could fall on young children.
  • Ensure that the baby monitor is working!

Before your bundle of joy arrives, take a moment to review your insurance coverages. Your homeowners insurance policy should be up to date with all of your new baby purchases, and your life insurance should ensure that your growing family has protection should you pass.

To ensure that your home and life policies are up to date with your life and family, contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis in Austin, Texas today!


Myths and Misconceptions About Bicycle Insurance

Myths and Misconceptions About Bicycle Insurance

Ride easy by learning what the bicycle insurance myths are and how it can cover you!

With gas prices steadily rising every month, it’s no surprise that people across the nation are turning to bicycles as their main form of transportation.

Bicycles have increased in popularity, and is now the third most popular outdoor activity among adults, with 12 percent categorized as “frequent cyclists”. For children, the percent is steady 22%.

While the basics of bicycle safety are well known (wear a helmet, utilize reflectors, and be visible and alert at all times), many cyclists are unaware or misinformed concerning the steps that they can take to further protect themselves and their bicycle!

Bicycle insurance is a specialized, stand-alone policy that can cover liability, loss, damage, and even some medical payments. With many myths pedaling around, cyclists should know the facts when it comes to insurance!

Myth No. 1: My homeowners insurance policy will cover a stolen bike.
Fact: Some (and we stress, some) homeowners insurance policies will cover the theft of a bicycle if it is listed under the policy. Even if your bike is covered, policies often have low coverage limits for things like sporting equipment. Owners who fall victim to theft may be faced with the replacement cost due to low coverage limits and high deductibles.

Myth No. 2: If I buy a secure bike lock, my bicycle won’t get stolen.
Fact: While bike locks do deter thieves, it doesn’t mean that the bike won’t get stolen. Expert thieves can easily spot high-value bikes, and even with the best bike lock on the market, they know how to make a bike disappear.

Myth No. 3: Only professional cyclists need insurance.
Fact: Whether you ride around the block with your children or pedal to and from work every day, protecting against liability, damage, and losses can protect your bike, family, and finances! After all, most people aren’t professional racecar drivers but we’re required to carry auto insurance on our vehicles.

Are you ready to receive optimum now that you know bicycle insurance myths and misconceptions! Contact the insurance professionals at the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis, serving Austin, Texas for your bicycle insurance coverage.


Simple Tips to Improve Your Life for Tomorrow

Simple Tips to Improve Your Life for Tomorrow

There are easy changes that you can make right now to enhance your quality of life.

In our day-to-day lives, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees. We can overlook some of the smaller, simpler things that can boost our happiness levels. Fortunately, you don’t need to make sweeping, dramatic changes to make your days happier and more meaningful! Improving your life can happen one step at a time – and one small change at a time!

Make the decision to jump on these changes to enhance your life!

  • Step outside. Walking each day can reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. AND it is literally a breath of fresh air. Need we say more?
  • Learn to read nutrition labels. It’s important to understand what you’re putting into your body on a regular basis. In addition, it may open to your eyes to certain chemicals, meaning you’ll avoid certain foods in the future.
  • Make your bed every morning. This simple habit mentally prepares you to wake up, focus, and start the day!
  • Do something nice for others. No time is ever wasted when you’re using it to do something kind for someone else.
  • Accept help. Don’t shut out the world when you need help the most. When we rely on others for help, we embed ourselves in the community.
  • Make time for yourself. Whether this time is dedicated to working out, meditating, or reading your favorite book, it’s important to schedule time to relieve stress and maintain focus.
  • Don’t live in the past. If you dwell on the past mistakes, they will continue to hinder your future. You’ll never truly be able to gain self-confidence and learn from your mistakes. Let the past be the past. Instead, focus on your future goals!

Are you ready to improve your overall quality of life? So that you can start focusing on what really matters, let the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis take care of your personal and commercial insurance needs. Contact us for all of your policies within the Austin, Texas area.


Different Types of Commercial Insurance

Different Types of Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is broad and there are many different policies. What best protects your company?

Business owners may be overwhelmed when deciding on a policy that suits their company, assets, and financial future! Instead of opting for a bare-bones policy that exposes vulnerable areas of your business, it’s important to maintain adequate and reliable coverage.

Read on for a list that provides an overview of the coverages available to businesses!

Commercial Property Insurance: As the most common form of commercial property policy, it covers buildings, production machinery, office equipment, furniture, and stock. The policy is fairly flexible and can be adapted to meet the needs of your business.

Business Owners Policy: A business owner policy is a type of package policy designed for small and medium-sized businesses, and covers commercial property and general liability coverages. It can also include business income, extra expenses, and various crime coverages.

Inland Marine Insurance: Commercial property and BOP policies cover property situated at the premises described in the declarations, typically away from the businesses premises. This coverage is designed to protect movable property.

Builders Risk Insurance: This insurance covers a building in the course of construction, beginning when construction starts and ends when the project is completed so that your building is protected throughout every stage.

Crime Insurance: From employee theft coverage, computer fraud coverage, and money and securities coverage, this policy is designed to protect against losses.

Are you ready to receive quality, all—encompassing insurance for your business in Texas? Contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis in Austin to learn how you can safeguard your business!


Gardening Tips for National Lawn & Garden Month!

Gardening Tips for National Lawn & Garden Month!

Prep your garden for summer during National Garden Month.

Spring is in the air and that means sunny days and fresh, blooming flowers! Many active gardeners and beginner horticulturists make this the time to get their garden looking summer-ready! During April, otherwise known as National Garden Month, you have the perfect opportunity to manicure your lawn, plant the flowers, and freshen the soil!

To get your garden looking its best during National Garden Month, read on for top tips!

  • Mow the lawn – This is the easiest way to get your garden looking neat.
  • Remove leaves – Remove dead, damaged, and diseased branches from trees to clear up your garden.
  • Know your region – Determine where you want to start planting by finding the best patch of soil in your garden. Consider everything from the climate to sun exposure.
  • Test the soil – Invest in a soil testing kit to read your garden’s pH and nutrient levels. If your soil is hard or clay-like, it will be difficult for most plants to grow. In this case, add fresh soil, mulch, and compost.
  • Start with low-maintenance – Growing vegetables is a fun introduction to gardening as they are quick to grow and easy to maintain. Early success can be encouraging, causing you to move on to more complicated plants.
  • Create a plan – Research your plants first to know exactly how big they will get and how to space them out accordingly. Shorter and creeping ones should be planted toward the front and edges of the garden bed, with the taller plants in the back.
  • Keep a notebook – Jot down your dreams or inspiration for the garden to keep you motivated to continue. This is also a great way to keep track of garden activity.
  • Water accordingly – Give a consistent and ample amount of water. The water will vary from plant to plant.
  • Have patience – Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Now that your home and garden are looking in tip-top shape from spring cleaning and spring gardening, be sure to acquire the protection that it deserves. Contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis in Austin, Texas to get started on your tailored homeowners insurance today!


Top Apps to Rock Your Road Trip!

Top Apps to Rock Your Road Trip!

From got-your-back navigation tools to the best bathroom-pit-stop finders, download these handy apps!

Does your family have a road trip planned? Perhaps you and your buddies are hitting the open road soon? Whether it’s a spring getaway or a summer vacation, there’s a certain amount of planning that every driver should do.

Before you venture off into the distance, install these apps on your smartphone! Not only can they save you a bundle of time on the road, but it ensures the seamless getaway that you’ve always wanted.

Waze: The king of navigation apps, Waze offers multiple routes, real-time traffic updates, notifications about speed traps, and the power to compare gas station prices around you. It’s updated by regular drivers and is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. If the traffic ahead is predicted to have you sitting on the freeway for hours, the app will automatically re-route you so you avoid it!

Along the Way: This is the perfect guide for planning a trip in an unfamiliar territory. You can find parks, bars, shops, and landmarks along your route without detouring and excessively wandering!

Songza: Limited with your iPod and Pandora’s music station? Songza allows you to search for music and playlists based on your mood, genre, artist, activity, or decade. The playlists can be whittled down to specific feelings (think “driving in the second lane”), so be sure to grab this app for the perfect soundtrack! 

H-D Ride Planner: For all those motorcyclists out there, we haven’t forgotten you! Plan your route and select the scenic terrain with this app. It allows you to sync it to your dash-mounted GPS device for easy access and safe riding.

Whatever your road trip plans, be sure to review your auto insurance coverage before heading out on your travels! Securing a reliable policy will keep your family, finances, vehicles covered! Contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis in Austin, Texas today to get started on your policy!


Maintain Your Homeowners Insurance During Your Move!

Maintain Your Homeowners Insurance During Your Move!

It’s home-buying season! Be sure to keep your homeowners insurance during the switch.

Spring has well and truly sprung in Austin, Texas, leading many homeowners to put their home on the market and plenty of deals are closing. During the midst of planning, packing, and organizing the move, it’s easy to forget about your homeowners insurance coverage.

Now, more than ever, is the time ensure that you have your homeowners insurance coverage maintained – and for the right property! Should you move house and your new home suffers from a fire or theft and your homeowners insurance policy has not yet been switched, you’ll be left with a hefty expense of repairing and replacing your belongings – and wishing you’d sprung for coverage.

Time It Right
Ideally, call your home insurer before you put an offer in on a house. The insurer will be able to discuss the cost of insurance and some risks that you may face in buying that new home. The aim is to cancel the old policy on the data that you no longer have ownership of the property and start the new policy on the date that you have ownership of the new home.

Nine times out of ten, your closing date will get pushed back. Therefore, most insurance companies contact the homeowners after the closing to make sure that the house has actually closed.

Mortgage Approval
In most cases, mortgage companies may request certain conditions in connection with the policy. Contacting your insurer early can also make sure that you don’t experience any setbacks with the lender.

Are you ready to receive all-encompassing homeowners insurance protection? Start your experience in your new home on the right foot by protecting your home and belongings! Visit the insurance professionals at the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis in Austin, Texas to get started on your home policy!