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When Do You Need Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

It is important, and sometimes difficult, for business owners to understand when they need to have a commercial auto policy. Generally you will need a policy when a company vehicle is used in tasks related to the employee’s job. If an employee is driving a company owned vehicle, your company is liable if anything were to happen while that employee is driving the vehicle.

Another time a commercial auto policy should be in place is when an employee uses their own vehicle to perform their job. If your employee is using their own vehicle for regular business use, on average more than 3 times in a 1 month period, again commercial vehicle insurance is for you.

Talking with your agent about what type of policy you need can help protect you, so you don’t have to worry about whether you have the proper coverage or not. For more information about commercial insurance in Austin, TX, contact Dean Davis Insurance.


Why You Need to Insure your Delivery Vehicle

If you have a small business with a delivery vehicle, or if you use a private vehicle to deliver products for your company, you need to be aware of the liabilities. Insuring delivery vehicles properly is a critical component of running this type of service. Your private auto insurance is not going to be sufficient.

You will need to look into commercial insurance for your delivery vehicles. This lets the insuring company know exactly how the vehicles are being used, approximately how often, and who will be covered while driving these vehicles. If you are relying on your private insurance or the private insurance of your drivers, you will likely have a problem should an accident occur.

In addition, commercial insurance for your business can cover a variety of other liabilities associated with a delivery service provided by you.

Should you have any questions about your commercial insurance coverage or what type of coverage you may need for insuring delivery vehicles, we invite you to contact us at the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis. We provide peace of mind and security for businesses throughout the Austin area and can help you.