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Tips To Avoid Identity Theft For Your Next Vacation

A new study shows that the crime of identity theft is rising faster than ever. Identity theft has serious consequences so protecting yourself should be your number one concern this summer vacation. Use these tips to keep your savings safe while you’re out on holiday.

  • Some scammers will create free WiFi near local vacation spots to steal information. Avoid being scammed by making sure the WiFi is real before logging in.
  • Avoid thieves gaining access to your personal information by using cash to pay at gas stations instead of a credit card. This will keep your card and pin number from being exposed to unwanted eyes.
  • Make sure your expensive electronics like your cellphone and laptop are secured at all times. Try keeping expensive things stored in your hotel safe.
  • It’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure to contact your credit card company beforehand with the dates of your travel and after to check for unauthorized charges.

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