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Tips To Boost Your Homeowners Security

Tips To Boost Your Homeowners Security

Thwart Thieves With This Guide

Your home provides refuge from the world. It safeguards you against storms, keeps pests away, and provides a safe location for you to store all of your personal property. That is, until a thief breaks into your home. To ensure your home continues to be a place of safe keeping, use these tips for increasing your security as a homeowner.

  • Keep It Clean: The more overhanging tree limbs, overgrown shrubbery, and untrimmed gardens you have on your property, the more hiding places you offer to thieves who are hoping to get a closer look at your house without getting spotted. Not only will keeping your landscaping trimmed keep your home looking tidy, it will also deter thieves.
  • Install An Alarm: A home security system can offer you significant peace of mind. It will bring the police to your home if triggered, making sure you get an immediate response if you do face a robbery. Plus, installing this kind of system can help you save on your homeowners insurance!
  • Strengthen Windows: Breakable glass provides an easy point of entry for a determined burglar. Consider installing shatterproof glass or at least adding security film to your windows to make it more difficult for thieves to gain entry through your windows. While thinking about your glass, pop a security bar in your sliding door, too.

Unfortunately, even with all of these efforts a tricky thief might make it into your home. Would your homeowners insurance be enough to protect your quality of life after a major theft? To talk to the Austin experts about your coverage, contact Dean Davis Insurance. The entire team at the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis is ready to help you get the right Texas homeowners insurance policy so that theft never has to worry your family.