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Insuring Against Injury On Your Company’s Property

Injuries can happen, and they can happen on your company’s property. General liability insurance is often necessary to protect yourself against these risks. General liability insurance will be able to help you in the event that someone is injured on your company’s property or through the actions of your company or employees. These types of settlements can become quite costly, as they often involve extensive medical bills as well as additional costs such as lost wages.

Injuries that occur among your own workers, however, need to be covered under a different type of policy. Commonly, this is a workers compensation policy. Workers compensation insurance takes over any time one of your workers is injured while on the job. This can include injury that is on your company’s premises, but it also includes any injury that occurs at client sites or while traveling due to work. Workers compensation is required for full-time workers. In the event that workers compensation insurance coverage is exceeded, an umbrella insurance policy may be able to take over.

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