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Stay Safe with These Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Stay Safe with These Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Happy Thanksgiving from Dean Davis Insurance! If you are traveling this holiday, it is important to make sure you know how to protect your home and family. Keep these Thanksgiving safety tips in mind to ensure that the whole family has a fun and safe Thanksgiving.

  • Remove any objects that could be used to get into your home. If you used a ladder to clean out your rain gutters, make sure it is safely put away so that nobody can use it to get into a window.
  • Do not post your travel plans on any social media site, such as Facebook or Twitter. If you do, burglars will know exactly how much time they have to break into your home.
  • Turn down the volume of your telephone ringer so that it cannot be heard outside. Check your messages when you are away so it does not look like you are gone.
  • Have the post office hold all of your mail so that it does not get delivered to your home while you are away and piles up.
  • Do not leave a hidden key in your front yard since burglars know all the best places to look. If you need to leave a key, leave it with a trusted neighbor.
  • Lock all of your windows, even the ones on the second story. Also, make sure to cut all tree branches to prevent burglars from climbing into the window.
  • Install motion sensor lights to alert neighbors if someone is trying to break into your home.

Most importantly, make sure that you have the right homeowners insurance policy to provide protection in case of any unfortunate event. Contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis in Austin, Texas for all of your homeowners insurance needs.