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Why You Need to Insure your Delivery Vehicle

If you have a small business with a delivery vehicle, or if you use a private vehicle to deliver products for your company, you need to be aware of the liabilities. Insuring delivery vehicles properly is a critical component of running this type of service. Your private auto insurance is not going to be sufficient.

You will need to look into commercial insurance for your delivery vehicles. This lets the insuring company know exactly how the vehicles are being used, approximately how often, and who will be covered while driving these vehicles. If you are relying on your private insurance or the private insurance of your drivers, you will likely have a problem should an accident occur.

In addition, commercial insurance for your business can cover a variety of other liabilities associated with a delivery service provided by you.

Should you have any questions about your commercial insurance coverage or what type of coverage you may need for insuring delivery vehicles, we invite you to contact us at the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis. We provide peace of mind and security for businesses throughout the Austin area and can help you.


Can my Babysitter Drive my Car?

If you are worried about whether your babysitter is covered under your auto insurance policy, you need to read through the details of your policy. In general, any driver in your vehicle is covered as long as you give permission to the driver.

Short-term Trips

If you want your babysitter to drive your children occasionally, then you do not need to adjust your coverage. The basic policy will cover the babysitter or any other driver that you have given formal permission to drive your car. For short-term needs, it is completely legal and most insurance policies will allow other drivers to operate your vehicle.

Long-term Needs

If you need an adult to drive your children on a regular basis, then it might be necessary to add the individual to your policy. A babysitter or nanny who is a primary driver or who drives regularly must be properly insured to provide the best protection for your vehicle, children and the driver.

Allowing others to drive your car is legal as long as you have given formal permission, but you will need to get additional coverage if the driver operates the car on a regular basis. To learn more about auto coverage in Austin, contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis Inc.


Traveling this summer? Review your RV insurance before you get on the road!

Families that are traveling long distances in a recreational vehicle through Summer 2013 may want to make sure they have the correct auto insurance coverage. RV coverage involves many different factors, and there are a lot of things that might happen during a long trip. RV insurance doesn’t just cover accidents, it can also cover necessary repairs such as road-side assistance when tires blow out. Not having the needed road-side assistance could lead to some serious delays in a family’s travel itinerary, and might even necessitate some skipped stops.

Families traveling by RV should make sure that they have coverage for the RV itself, but they might also want passenger insurance to cover any injuries that occur to those within the RV as well. This means that, in the event there is an accident, the family members and friends traveling within the vehicle will have help with any potential medical costs. RV insurance should also cover the cost of any damages incurred to another motor vehicle. This ensures that the family is not liable for anything that happens by accident on the road.

More questions about RV insurance and auto insurance can be directed to the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis, Inc.


Texting and Driving? There’s an App for That.

The climbing number of tragedies related to driving distractions is becoming a public safety concern, and, consequently an insurance concern. The issue of texting and driving tops the list. While texting and driving is a fatal combination in many cases, drivers, especially the young, engage in this risky behavior. You can stop doing that, now. There’s an app for that.

The phone service mogul AT&T has created an app that enables drivers to avoid the dangerous practice and help lower the number of accidents and fatalities. The app is called DriveMode. DriveMode is an auto-reply app set to inform the sender of an incoming text message that that you are driving on the road and that you will reply when it is safer to do so. It works when the vehicle is moving at or above 25 miles per hour.

In encouraging safe and responsible driving, AT&T is offering the application for free. It is available on both the Android and Black Berry Platforms.

Dean Davis Insurance is a reputable auto insurance provider for the greater Austin, TX area. Contact Dean Davis today to get your insurance quotes and learn the possible advantages of being insured while using the DriveMode app. Stay safe.


What Determines the Price of My Auto Insurance Policy?

There are a myriad of factors that go into determining the price of auto insurance. Some of those factors are within your control and others are not in your control. Your age is one of those factors that are not within your control as is the case with whether or not you are male or female. Yet both impact the rate you pay for auto insurance. Where you live, and your driving record are two additional factors that you can control and both impact your auto insurance rate.

Insurance is a measurement of risk, so behavior is a key indicator of risk. If you have a history of reckless driving, than an insurance company is going to see that behavior is a risk and your auto insurance rates will rise. If you are a careful driver and do not have a history of traffic tickets and at-fault accidents, then it is likely that your auto insurance rates will be lower than the average driver. Talking with your insurance agency is a good way to find out how to get the best auto insurance rate. Some agencies offer discounts for various situations like a high grade point average or multiple policies. If you would like to find out what discounts are available for auto insurance, please contact Dean Davis Insurance. They are a professional full service insurance agency servicing the Austin Texas area.


What to do after a Car Accident

Even a non-injury car accident can be traumatic to deal with, but what follows can often be worse. Understanding what to do after a car accident can save you miles of headaches. The first thing to do is remain safe. Safety is always the best bet. The second thing to do is collect evidence. Even pictures from a cell phone can help determine fault. If the accident is not your fault, then you will have to prove that the other person caused the accident. This is achieved by gathering evidence. Take down the names of anyone who saw the accident. Record the time of the day, and other details like vehicle speed (estimations) whether or not pedestrians were involved. Try to capture how the accident occurred by taking pictures of the angels of the cars involved.

Contact your insurance company immediately. They need to conduct their own investigation and time is important. People forget what happened really quickly after an accident. If you have names and contact information of witnesses, then provide that to your insurance company. Even if, the other party claims to be at fault right after the accident, they may change their story. Reporting an accident to your insurance is important. Dean Davis Insurance is a professional full service insurance agency servicing the Austin Texas area. If you would like information about auto insurance then please contact Dean Davis Insurance.