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3 Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights

When decorating for the holidays most people don’t factor in the potential hazards that come along with hanging Christmas lights. This year when preparing your home for the holidays there are a few safety tips you should keep in mind.

Safety First

  • Create a Master Plan – Take a good look at your home from the outside and map out where you’d like to put up your lights. Look for places like eaves, pillars and windows to place your lights. Then move on to trees, bushes and other structures.
  • Measure the Area – Get an idea of how many strands of lights you’re going to need. One trick to use when measuring lighting for trees is to multiply height times width and double that number to get the correct square footage.
  • Work With a Partner – Using a buddy system while hanging your lights is the surest way to avoid an accident. If you don’t have a partner available try using an S hook and a small bucket to hold your supplies or an extension pole so that your feet don’t ever have to leave the ground.

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