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Protecting Your Business’ Outdoor Areas

Protecting Your Business’ Outdoor Areas

How are you protecting your business outside?

Many business owners are concerned with protecting their business from the indoors out. However, protecting your business from the outside first will minimize the risk of theft or damage to the inside. It makes sense, right? For your business, it’s important to protect your outside property as well as the interior equipment, documents, and other important items.

Below are a few items that are outside your office that you should consider covering:

Offsite equipment: Does your business have expensive equipment? Items such as a sound system or machinery are often transported taken to jobs offsite should be insured in case of damage or theft.

Outdoor property: You may have some property that you always store outdoors and would cost more to replace than your business owner’s policy could cover. Everything from your satellite dish to fencing to the antennae can be covered. This coverage can also help to cover the expenses associates with heaters, tables, and chairs from perils.

Landscaping: Your outdoor area may be complete with a rock garden, succulent garden, trees, and water features. Protecting your investment to this area is just as important as protecting your tables and chairs. These items can be protected against theft, vandalism, and certain storm damage.

Exterior signs: You may want to consider adding these items to your business owner’s policy to ensure that if they are damaged in a storm or another listed peril, they can be repaired and replaced.

The best way to protect your property is to secure your premises. Lock everything up each night, install security cameras, and add extra lights where and when you can. These elements strongly deter thieves from entering the property, let alone vandalizing or stealing from it.

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Commercial Insurance for Small Business Owners

Although small business owners do not have as many employees or customers as large corporations, that does not mean they do not have the same concerns. Small businesses have to deal with the same problems, just on a smaller scale.

The top five concerns of small business owners include both internal and external problems. When it comes to internal concerns, talent management, such as recruiting and marinating staff is the number one problem. External problems that small business owners encounter include taxes, government regulations, and healthcare reform, and the functionality and reliability of technology.

Although there are many obstacles for small business owners to overcome, there are also many opportunities. Half of all small businesses are expected to grow in 2014. The 28 million small businesses that operate in America account for one-third of all employment in the country.

Business insurance is available for small businesses to help ease the mind of small business owners. There are three main small business claims made to insurance companies. The first is damage to the building or its contests due to an event like a fire or earthquake. The second is loss of income, such as if the business closes. The last reason is due to loss of data or company information, usually due to some type of computer failure or fraud.

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Who needs commercial auto insurance?

Commercial auto insurance is a necessity if your business has even one employee driven vehicle. Making sure you have the proper insurance can save you thousands of dollars on accidents and possible insurance fraud.

If you are in need of a fleet insurance auto policy, you must have a company listed as the owner of all vehicles, whether it is a corporation or a sole proprietor. Fleet insurance may be used to insure hundreds of moving trucks your company owns, or the single vehicle that your company uses for the occasional delivery.

Most companies run into problems with their insurance agency when an accident happens while an employee whose name is not on the insurance policy is driving. Many insurance companies view allowing employees who are not listed on the insurance policy to a drive company vehicles as fraud.

Commercial auto insurance differs from personal auto insurance in that it does not cover items in the vehicle. If your company cars are full of company materials, such as tools or products, it is a good idea to also purchase liability insurance. Make sure to buy the proper amount of liability insurance to cover your vehicles in the event of damage, loss, or theft.

The easiest way to save money when purchasing commercial auto insurance is to hire drivers with clean, safe driving records. Having just one bad driver on your insurance can raise you premiums by as much as 10%. Many companies also offer discounts when GPS devices are installed in vehicles. GPS devices are a fairly cheap way to bring down insurance costs and it can also help you keep track of your drivers while they are out. Always make sure to update and change your policy as often as necessary to protect yourself from any potential problems.

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Insuring Against Injury On Your Company’s Property

Injuries can happen, and they can happen on your company’s property. General liability insurance is often necessary to protect yourself against these risks. General liability insurance will be able to help you in the event that someone is injured on your company’s property or through the actions of your company or employees. These types of settlements can become quite costly, as they often involve extensive medical bills as well as additional costs such as lost wages.

Injuries that occur among your own workers, however, need to be covered under a different type of policy. Commonly, this is a workers compensation policy. Workers compensation insurance takes over any time one of your workers is injured while on the job. This can include injury that is on your company’s premises, but it also includes any injury that occurs at client sites or while traveling due to work. Workers compensation is required for full-time workers. In the event that workers compensation insurance coverage is exceeded, an umbrella insurance policy may be able to take over.

For more information about general liability insurance and other forms of necessary commercial insurance contact the experts at Dean Davis Insurance.


When Do You Need Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

It is important, and sometimes difficult, for business owners to understand when they need to have a commercial auto policy. Generally you will need a policy when a company vehicle is used in tasks related to the employee’s job. If an employee is driving a company owned vehicle, your company is liable if anything were to happen while that employee is driving the vehicle.

Another time a commercial auto policy should be in place is when an employee uses their own vehicle to perform their job. If your employee is using their own vehicle for regular business use, on average more than 3 times in a 1 month period, again commercial vehicle insurance is for you.

Talking with your agent about what type of policy you need can help protect you, so you don’t have to worry about whether you have the proper coverage or not. For more information about commercial insurance in Austin, TX, contact Dean Davis Insurance.


Why You Need to Insure your Delivery Vehicle

If you have a small business with a delivery vehicle, or if you use a private vehicle to deliver products for your company, you need to be aware of the liabilities. Insuring delivery vehicles properly is a critical component of running this type of service. Your private auto insurance is not going to be sufficient.

You will need to look into commercial insurance for your delivery vehicles. This lets the insuring company know exactly how the vehicles are being used, approximately how often, and who will be covered while driving these vehicles. If you are relying on your private insurance or the private insurance of your drivers, you will likely have a problem should an accident occur.

In addition, commercial insurance for your business can cover a variety of other liabilities associated with a delivery service provided by you.

Should you have any questions about your commercial insurance coverage or what type of coverage you may need for insuring delivery vehicles, we invite you to contact us at the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis. We provide peace of mind and security for businesses throughout the Austin area and can help you.