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Stretch Out Your Gas Tank With These Fuel Efficiency Tips!

Stretch Out Your Gas Tank With These Fuel Efficiency Tips!

Optimize your driving to cut down on gas station stops!

Whether you’re preparing for a road trip of a lifetime, have implemented a strict fuel budget, or simply want to slash your petrol station stops in half, there are some simple tricks to increase your fuel efficiency!

Not only does making the most out of your fuel save money, but it betters the environment! By reducing your carbon footprint, you can work to make your lifestyle a little ‘greener’.

No one likes paying an arm and a leg at the petrol pump, so put these tips into practice today!

  • Avoid driving at high speeds – Driving at 62 mph rather than 75 mph reduces fuel consumption by about 15 percent.
  • Stop hard braking – Instead, leave plenty of room in front of you and the car ahead, and lay off the accelerator to slowly reduce your speed, before applying the brake.
  • Optimize your tires – Keep tire pressure at the level recommended by your vehicle manufacturer, as under-inflated tires can cause your fuel efficiency to drop.
  • Use A/C sparingly – When the air conditioner is on, it puts extra pressure on the engine, forcing up to 20 percent of fuel to be consumed.
  • Use cruise control – Maintaining a constant speed over long distances will save gas!
  • Avoid long idles – Instead of leaving your car on for 10 minutes, turn your car off. Restarting the car uses less fuel than letting it idle.

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Five Tips To Prevent Your Car From Overheating

While commuting this summer its important to recognize the damage that heat can make on your car. Use these five car tips to prevent your engine from overheating this summer.

  1. Consider replacing your car battery. After 3 years your battery can become aged and stressed so maintenance is usually necessary.
  2. Have a mechanic check your cooling service if it hasn’t been looked at in the last two years. Your cooling systems are vital to keep your engine and your air conditioner working well. Lack of maintenance of these systems can be more costly in the long run.
  3. If your temperature light comes on while you are driving make sure to immediately pull over, turn off the air conditioner, and call roadside assistance. If the light turns off head over to the closest mechanic.
  4. Check your radiator for any corrosion and make sure to fill it up with fresh coolant for the summer.
  5. On longer drives, a gallon of water can save you in the event of a radiator leak.

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