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Collecting Costs of Installing a Swimming Pool

Collecting Costs of Installing a Swimming Pool

Before you install a pool in your back garden, ensure that you’re adding up all of the expenses involved.

Although we’re only in February, the summer will be here before we know it! Here in Austin, Texas, our summer temperatures have been known to skyrocket, causing exhaustive heat to all of us.

Many homeowners are already preparing to cool off in the summer sun by installing a new pool, now! A pool provides summer enjoyment, a perfect way to cool down, and is viable in almost any back garden! What’s not to love, you ask? Despite the fun a pool brings, it also entails a stack of bills and expenses.

Before you start redecorating the backyard and hiring contractors, take a look at some of the costs that a swimming pool brings.

  • Installation – Your location, pool size, materials, and more can affect the price tag. This can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000.
  • Insurance premium – Quite simply, your liability risk increases as guests can injure themselves while using your pool. Even if someone doesn’t have permission to use your pool, you can still be held liable.
  • Home value – When looking to resell your home, a pool attracts those who love pools and those who don’t want the upkeep of the pool or have concerns for kids. In short, you shouldn’t add a pool to your home to add value.
  • Upkeep – Even when your pool is up and running, costs will continue. These costs include chemicals, equipment, resurfacing, a utility bill increase, and professionals to fix issues.
  • Whole new world – To deck out your pool, you may decide to add lounge chairs, a new BBQ, pool toys, lighting, new landscaping… The list can go on!

If a pool is financially feasible for you, it’s a great way to make lasting memories with family and friends! For the best homeowners insurance that is tailored to your home and finances, contact the Insurance Agency in Dean Davis, located in Austin, Texas!


How to Track and Manage the Expenses for Your Small Business

Many people believe that you can cut corners and take short cuts when it comes to running a small business.  The truth to this matter is that you cannot.  Running a small business is just like running a big business, small business owners should be aware of a few things that will help them manage the expenses of their small business.

Staying Organized

When it comes to tracking and managing the expenses of a business, the first thing that you should do is get organized.  If you are organized, it will be easy for you to keep a record of financial instances for your business.  Staying organized will help you in the long run, especially around tax time.


As a small business owner, you need to know how to separate business finances from personal finances.  If you do not separate the two, you may find yourself in debt for a number of reasons.  It will be in your best interest to open a bank account for your business and one for personal use.

Dig In the Paperwork

Many business owners do not like the sight of paperwork or the thought of completing it, but in the event of any legal matters, it all comes down to what is present on paper.  This is one reason why you should make sure that you stay on top of your paperwork.  Keep all of your documents and files in a folder and create a copy online for safe keeping.  You should have at least three copies of each document that involves your business.

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