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Tailgating Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Tailgating Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Make the most of your next tailgate with these tips.

Tailgating is the best way to get the full football experience. Unfortunately, it can also open the door to certain risks. To reduce your risk of having to make an insurance claim this tailgating season, keep these tailgating safety tips in mind.

  • Have a designated sober driver to get you home from the tailgate. Keep in mind that just one alcoholic beverage can be enough to inhibit your driving ability.
  • Ensure all glass bottles and other hazards are not hiding under your tires before you drive away to prevent any damage to your vehicle.
  • Hide all of your valuables in the trunk of your car. Leaving all valuables at home will help to keep them even safer.

Before you head to the game, take a look at your auto insurance policy to ensure it will provide the coverage you need. If you do not already have comprehensive coverage, now is the best time to add the coverage option onto your policy. While your collision coverage will provide protection while you are traveling to and from the game, your comprehensive coverage will provide protection for any incidents that occur in the parking lot.

Comprehensive coverage, sometimes known as “other than collision coverage,” will provide protection for almost anything that goes wrong. If a football flies through your front windshield or your grill catches your car on fire, your comprehensive coverage will kick in to provide protection. Keep in mind that every policy is different, so make sure to talk with your insurance agent to see just how much protection you have.

When looking for the right car insurance policy to ensure you have the coverage that you deserve throughout football season, contact the independent insurance professionals at the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis in Austin, Texas.