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Maintain Your Homeowners Insurance During Your Move!

Maintain Your Homeowners Insurance During Your Move!

It’s home-buying season! Be sure to keep your homeowners insurance during the switch.

Spring has well and truly sprung in Austin, Texas, leading many homeowners to put their home on the market and plenty of deals are closing. During the midst of planning, packing, and organizing the move, it’s easy to forget about your homeowners insurance coverage.

Now, more than ever, is the time ensure that you have your homeowners insurance coverage maintained – and for the right property! Should you move house and your new home suffers from a fire or theft and your homeowners insurance policy has not yet been switched, you’ll be left with a hefty expense of repairing and replacing your belongings – and wishing you’d sprung for coverage.

Time It Right
Ideally, call your home insurer before you put an offer in on a house. The insurer will be able to discuss the cost of insurance and some risks that you may face in buying that new home. The aim is to cancel the old policy on the data that you no longer have ownership of the property and start the new policy on the date that you have ownership of the new home.

Nine times out of ten, your closing date will get pushed back. Therefore, most insurance companies contact the homeowners after the closing to make sure that the house has actually closed.

Mortgage Approval
In most cases, mortgage companies may request certain conditions in connection with the policy. Contacting your insurer early can also make sure that you don’t experience any setbacks with the lender.

Are you ready to receive all-encompassing homeowners insurance protection? Start your experience in your new home on the right foot by protecting your home and belongings! Visit the insurance professionals at the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis in Austin, Texas to get started on your home policy!


5 Common Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

5 Common Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Unfortunately, the average American lives such a busy lifestyle that they are willing to just sign the paperwork of all insurance policies as recommended by their agent. However, in order to receive optimal peace of mind in your home, health, car, and life, you must have the right insurance policies in place. Proper coverage can mean the difference between financial ruin and smooth recovery when an accident occurs. Gathered is a list of some common insurance mistakes many people make, and how to avoid them:

  1. Many homeowners who have experienced a drop in their home’s market value think that as a result, they should mirror their homeowners’ insurance coverage. However, this can prove to be consequential. This mistake could leave you in financial ruin since your policy will no longer cover the amount it would take to rebuild after a disaster.
  2. While you may be inclined to work with any insurance company who has the best price, this may result in regret in the future. You want to find the best price, but with the right insurance provider who will be there with you through each claim and each renewal.
  3. Many homeowners fail to purchase flood insurance for a variety of reasons. Whether you think that your homeowners’ insurance policy already covers flood damage, or you feel that flood insurance is unnecessary because you live in a dry area, you will likely regret this decision once a flood arrives. Floods are known for wreaking havoc in neighborhoods that do not usually experience flood conditions.
  4. While you may think the state has put in place the minimum required auto liability insurance because it is a sufficient amount, it is likely not going to suffice. If you are involved in a multi-vehicle car accident, the minimum liability amounts will likely leave you with a hefty amount of out-of-pocket expenses.
  5. Whenever you are renting, you must purchase renters insurance. This is an inexpensive insurance policy that provides you with optimal protection from a variety of perils.

Contact Dean Davis Insurance in Austin for all of your Texas insurance needs. These very common insurance mistakes are preventable if you have the right insurance policies through Dean Davis Insurance.


Six Tips to Maintain Your New Home For Less

Keeping your new home maintained may seem like a no brainer but it’s something that many homeowners forget to keep up. Maintaining your home now can actually help you save money by preventing costly damages that aren’t covered by home insurance. Here six easy ways to keep your home maintained on a budget.

  1. Clean out your vents and filters. A new air conditioner can cost up to thousands of dollars. Make sure to clear away lint and buy low cost filters regularly.
  2. Drain your water heater and pump your septic tanks. Watch over your water appliances to prevent leakage and sewage backup.
  3. Check your smoke and security alarms. Putting new batteries in will save you in the event of an emergency.
  4. Clean the coils in your refrigerator. Cleaning out these coils located at the base of your fridge will keep your fridge running for longer.
  5. Keep your carpets clean. Mold growth isn’t covered by your insurance so hire a professional to deep clean your carpets at least once a year.
  6. Check for holes and leaks in your housing. Holes and cracks can lead to a higher energy bill and can leave you vulnerable.

Located in Austin Texas, The Insurance Agency Of Dean Davis believes that your safety and security is important. Contact us today for any of your insurance needs.


Pool Safety Tips For The Summer!

With all the excitement that comes with having your own pool to use during the hot summer months, it can be easy to forget about swimming pool safety guidelines and liability! However, these things are important, and as pool-owners, should be revisited yearly. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Construct a 4 foot tall fence around your pool to keep users out when you are not around.
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers, and a CPR instruction booklet near the pool area in case there is an emergency.
  • Secure a location for the keeping of a first aid kit.
  • Never swim alone, and always keep your eye on children and small pets in the pool area.
  • Never bring glass items, or electronics into the pool area.
  • If you have children who are older, enroll them in a basic first aid and CPR course.
  • Do not let anyone swim in your pool if you are a weak swimmer.

For questions about pool insurance, or any other form of insurance, go ahead and contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis, located in Austin!


4 Tips For Getting Rid Of Summer Pests

As the summer months approach, pesky critters are beginning to seek shelter in our homes to escape the hot temperatures. These pests may come with a hefty price tag when trying to erase their existence from our homes. Here are some simple ways to prevent spending a fortune this summer on pest control:

  • Dry out the damp parts of your home such as the kitchen, and attic. Carpenter ants, and roaches love damp environments, so fix those leaky sinks and keep your animal’s water dish outside.
  • Move your firewood stash away from your home’s walls. Bugs like termites and stinkbugs like to sneak through under the cracks.
  • If your neighbors have noticed recent ant or termite attacks, hire an inspector to make sure yours is clear.
  • If you are just dealing with a few roaches or wasps here and there, don’t waste money on a professional exterminator. Sprinkle a mixture of boric acid powder, and insecticidal soaps around the areas you usually see critters.

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