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Common Driving Distractions You Need to Stop NOW!

Driving requires a great deal of concentration and skill in order to maintain safe control of your vehicle on the road. Any kind of distraction can be a danger to your safety by causing a potential accident. Rowdy children, crying babies, feisty pets and ringing cell phones are all common driving distractions that can lead to accidents. You may not be able to eliminate every distraction while driving, but you should try to minimize these hazards as much as possible.

The use of cell phones while driving is a leading cause of car accidents. Most drivers don’t realize how distracting cell phones can be. It’s difficult to focus on driving when you are having a heated conversation on the phone. Cell phone usage while driving makes it difficult for you to concentrate on road conditions or surrounding traffic. As such, it poses a risk to you, pedestrians around you and other drivers. As a safety precaution for children, Texas recently passed a new law banning drivers from using their mobiles when driving in school zones.

Safe driving helps you avoid accidents that could increase your insurance premium. For more information on safe driving practices, contact Dean Davis Insurance, your auto insurance specialists in Austin, TX.