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Top Apps For Organization & Productivity

Top Apps For Organization & Productivity

Top Apps for Organizing your DayIf it seems like you keep getting busier and busier and time management is impossible, think again. That device in your hand can be a lifesaver! Many individuals fail to take advantage of the abundant smartphone applications that can actually keep you on task and organized. We have gone through all of the productivity applications and provided you with a list of the top apps:

  • Things – (Apple Compatible) – This smartphone application will make even the most stressful tasks easier to complete. All you need to do is simply input your tasks, no matter how simple or complex, and the application will give you a breakdown of the tasks into realistic steps for completion. You set the deadline for each task. Are you one of the many individuals who works on their iPad while out of the office, their iPhone while home, and their iMac while in the office? No need to worry! Things will automatically sync to all of your Apple devices.
  • RescueTime – (Mac/PC Compatible) – Are you one of the many individuals who finds themselves lost on the internet after searching for one thing? The internet can so easily distract us for hours, and then we realize none of our work has been completed. This smartphone application will track your digital work and provide you with graphs and tables describing your internet usage. When you see exactly how much time you waste procrastinating on the internet, you will better be able to control your habits.
  • Mindnode – (Apple Compatible) – Do you ever feel like you have so many ideas you cannot figure out where to start? “Mind-mapping” is a form of brainstorming your ideas into a concise map that will organize all of your ideas. This smartphone application will organize all of your ideas for you and lay them out for you to see.

We encourage you to take advantage of one of these amazing productivity boosting smartphone applications and start getting productive! Contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis for all of your Austin, Texas insurance needs.