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How To Avoid A Cancelled Auto Insurance Policy

How To Avoid A Cancelled Auto Insurance Policy

Auto Insurance Cancellation Basics

When you enroll in a new auto insurance policy, you are most likely not thinking about when you are going to cancel it or if you should renew the policy. However, taking the time to fully understand auto insurance cancellation and non-renewal can help to make sure that you are not left without any coverage on the road.

Auto insurance non-renewal happens when your insurer decides that you are not worth the risk to continue your coverage. Having too many claims or a poor driving record can lead to non-renewal. Your auto insurance provider will need to give you at least a months notice for non-renewal. Keep in mind that once you have a non-renewal status, it will put an unfavorable mark on your insurance record.

Auto insurance cancellation can be a little bit more serious and can be the result of violating any terms of your policy. The issue can be the result of an arrest for a DUI, late payment, or insurance fraud, which can lead to your insurance company cancelling your policy at any point. Your auto insurance company is not required to notify you if they decide to cancel your policy, which could mean scrambling to find a new policy so that you do not have to deal with a lapse in your coverage.

The best way to avoid non-renewal or cancellation is to enroll in automatic payments so that you never miss your premiums. Following all the rules of the road and avoiding any tickets or other violations can also help to reduce your chances of cancellation or non-renewal.

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