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Saving on Your Auto Insurance

There is no way to get around purchasing car insurance if you own a car. Although it may seem like a waste of money, auto insurance can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the unfortunate event of an accident. Fortunately, there are many discounts that can help save you money on your auto insurance policy. Talking to your insurance agent can help ensure that you are getting all the discounts that you qualify for. Some auto insurance discounts that you should know about include:

  • Multi-car – this discount can save you up to 25% on your policy if you have multiple cars insured on the same policy. The vehicles must be registered in the same name and driven by people who are listed on the policy.
  • Bundling – you may qualify for this discount if you combine your auto insurance with other insurance policies, such as personal insurance or renters’ insurance. It also makes it easier to pay one insurance payment rather than three or four different ones.
  • New car safety features – safety features such as airbags or motorized seatbelts can help you save on your car insurance. Make sure to check with your insurance agent to see which features in your vehicle can qualify you for a discount.
  • Safe driver – if you have a clean driving record with no moving violations for a specified number of years, you may qualify for a safe driving discount. Many insurance companies will also give you a discount if you take a defensive driving course.
  • Married driver – statistics show that people who are married get in less car accidents. Some companies will offer discounts because of that reason.
  • Teen driver – teens that have good grades, above a B average, can save money on their auto insurance.

Contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis, located in Austin, Texas to make sure you are receiving all the auto insurance discounts you qualify for.