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4 Tips For Getting Rid Of Summer Pests

As the summer months approach, pesky critters are beginning to seek shelter in our homes to escape the hot temperatures. These pests may come with a hefty price tag when trying to erase their existence from our homes. Here are some simple ways to prevent spending a fortune this summer on pest control:

  • Dry out the damp parts of your home such as the kitchen, and attic. Carpenter ants, and roaches love damp environments, so fix those leaky sinks and keep your animal’s water dish outside.
  • Move your firewood stash away from your home’s walls. Bugs like termites and stinkbugs like to sneak through under the cracks.
  • If your neighbors have noticed recent ant or termite attacks, hire an inspector to make sure yours is clear.
  • If you are just dealing with a few roaches or wasps here and there, don’t waste money on a professional exterminator. Sprinkle a mixture of boric acid powder, and insecticidal soaps around the areas you usually see critters.

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