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Safe Driving Tips For Fall Roads

Safe Driving Tips For Fall Roads

Use these tips to stay safe on the fall roads.

Even though winter is still a ways away, the outside temperatures are continuing to drop for fall, leading to certain driving hazards that you should be aware of. Keep these autumn driving safety tips in mind to ensure that you can safely enjoy the season.

  • Fallen leaves can be much more dangerous than most people think. Wet leaves can turn into slimy patches that can be just as slippery as ice. Even dry crunchy leaves can be dangerous, as your catalytic converter can easily ignite them on a warm fall day.
  • If you are driving during the early morning hours, make sure to watch out for frost patches on bridges and in shady sections of the road.
  • Fall is the most active time of year for deer, meaning they are much more likely to make their way onto the road. Use extra caution when driving through areas that have a lot of trees and be ready to stop to prevent an accident with a deer.
  • The changing fall temperatures increase the chance of foggy mornings and evenings. If you are driving in foggy conditions, make sure to slow down and keep your headlights on.
  • The early sunset can create a blinding glare on your drive home to work. Make sure to keep your windshield clean so that you can see through the glare.
  • Kids are back in school and many more people are taking their exercise routine outside to enjoy the weather. Use extra caution and look out for kids, runners, and bicyclists when you are driving.

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