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Budgeting for Gas for Spring Break Trips

Aahhh, it’s that time again… time to pack up the whole family and head out toward a warmer climate for some fun and relaxation over spring break. But while you’re calculating the cost of your actual stay, plan ahead for the actual road trip itself. That way, the road trip will remain more enjoyable and you’ll be able to remain within budget.

Before the trip begins, check out sites like AAA’s Fuel Cost Calculator which gives an estimate of both the amount of gas you’ll need for your trip as well as its cost. You should schedule vehicle maintenance, having technicians check tire pressure, replace air filters and perform a tune-up–all of which can negatively impact your fuel economy if left undone.

Now that you’re aware of the total mileage associated with your trip, download the Fuel Finder App by Bottle Rocket. It’s available for both iPhone and Android devices and will help you locate the least expensive gas available along your route.

The United States Department of Energy recommends maintaining the speed limit, especially on the highway; it’s not only safer, it also boosts fuel economy up to 10 percent.

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