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Insuring A Teen Driver? Keep These Tips In Mind

Insuring A Teen Driver? Keep These Tips In Mind

Teens and Auto Insurance

Watching your teenager drive off for the first time after they get their driver’s license can easily make you very nervous as a parent. You may also be shocked when it comes time to pay your auto insurance premium. Since teens are considered high risk drivers, they have some of the highest car insurance rates. If you are looking for the best way to keep your teen driver protected without emptying your bank account, keep these considerations in mind.

  • Know when to add your teen to your policy – depending on your insurance company, your current auto insurance coverage may provide enough protection while your teen has their permit. You may only have to specifically add them to your policy once they pass their driver’s test. If you can, you may want to hold off as long as possible to add your auto insurance policy to help keep your rates low.
  • Know what to do if you forgot – different insurance companies will automatically add your teen to your auto insurance policy when they get their license, which means that they will be covered if they have an accident. To ensure that you are safe and your claims will not be denied, make sure to call your insurance agent as soon as your teenager gets their license.
  • Consider their own policy – instead of adding your teen to your existing policy, you have the option to put them on their own policy. While this will keep the cost of your coverage low, it will make their policy very expensive since they cannot take advantage of any of the discounts that you have. Ask your insurance agent what the rates will be with both options to decide which is best for you.

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AT WIT’S END: Teenage Driver and the Parent

By: Erma Bombeck

Having a new teenage driver in the family does strange things to parents… besides turning them in to pedestrians.  It throws some of them into premature senility and has others writing check to God, bribing him to strike the battery dead.

My husband and I decided long ago we would not succumb to the hysteria that overtakes most parents the moment their teenager takes the family car out for the evening.

As I told my husband, “It certainly is convenient having our son drive so that we don’t have to dig out & run him across town.”

“It certainly is,” he said.  “All we have to do is sit here & relax in our own home & wait for the police to call.”

“That’s right”, I sighed.  “I think a lot of parents overreact. After all, this is what maturity is all about.  This is the responsibility that goes with growing up.  By the way, did you remind him to turn off the lights, put the car in park & take the keys out when he left?”

“I pinned a note to his coat.”

“Good.  You know it seems like only yesterday when he had his little cars on the floor going vroom… vroooommmm… vroooommmmm, remember that?”

“I certainly do,” he chuckled.  “He smashed four unbreakable, non-destructible, right-built, sturdy, childproof, Tonka trucks in four days.  But… a boy has to learn.”

“You bet,” he said.  “You show me a car that doesn’t have a hole in the floorboard on the passenger side and I’ll show you a parent who has never driving with his teenager.”

“It certainly is great not having to worry about them anymore.  I’m going to bed.”  “You are in bed,” said my husband.  “It’s 12:30.”

“Oh.  I was talking & I guess I just keep myself awake.  Did you hear a motor?”

“No.  I just swallowed a button off my pajamas.”

“Actually” I giggled, “having a teenage driver has brought us close together.  We haven’t burnt candles and prayed together in years.”

In the driveway, we heard four tires screech to a halt. “AMEN,” we said in unison.


Finding the Right Safety Features for Your Teen’s Car

When your teen starts driving, there are a number of options available to help keep them on the road. As a parent you want to follow some basic guidelines when car buying for your teen driver. You want whatever vehicle your teen is driving to be safe and affordable. Your teen will likely express a desire for something stylish. And whatever you choose, you’ll want to take a hard look at how that choice will affect your auto insurance premiums.

The Center of Disease Control and Prevention reveals that teens aged 16-19 are involved in more crashes than any other age group, and in 2010 more than a quarter million teens wound up in emergency rooms after a wreck. Many were not wearing their seatbelts. While parents can discuss the importance of taking safety precautions as a driver, they can’t always be there. However, there are several features that may come in handy if your teen is ever in a bind. Some of these are standard on newer cars, but are available on older more affordable vehicles as well. Here are some features to look for

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)- First appeared in the 1980s, required on 2012 and later models
  • Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) – required as of 2012, first available for cars in 1978
  • Airbags – first required in the late 90s

It’s also important to check the condition of the tires on your teens’ car, and replace them if necessary. As for other safety features on the car, make sure to educate your kids to make sure they know how to activate the safety features if they need them. However, no safeguard is as effective as a skilled and attentive driver, so whatever car your teen has, it’s important to keep the conversation open on how your teen can fulfill that role no matter how responsible they are or how often they get behind the wheel.

Of course, the right auto insurance is also a big part of keeping your teen driver safe. At the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis in Austin, Texas we have been committed to helping families find the right auto insurance for their situation, and will look for affordable options based on the safety features of a vehicle, and the responsibility level of the driver. Our family owned, independent agency has been around since 1969 and our agents have 100 years of combined experience in the industry, as well as extensive knowledge not only about auto insurance products, but life and commercial insurance products as well.

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New Teen Driver in the Family?

When you have a teen driver or soon-to-be teen driver in your household, there are a lot of concerns. Not only do you want to make sure your teen stays safe on the road, you have to worry about what to do in terms of auto insurance too.

In terms of insurance, working with an independent agent is often the best way to go. He or she can help you choose the right policy option for your family—which may be vastly different than you thought! An agent is here to work with you and get you a great deal on the coverage you want.

As far as imparting good driving habits on your teen, that’s harder. A hard and fast rule against texting and driving is important. As far as the basics behind the wheel, sometimes a driver’s education course is best. It takes the pressure off your teen as far as trying to learn with his or her parents, plus you may qualify for auto insurance discounts after your teen takes the class too.

For more driving safety tips for your teen in the Austin, Texas area please contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis today.