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Insuring A Teen Driver? Keep These Tips In Mind

Insuring A Teen Driver? Keep These Tips In Mind

Teens and Auto Insurance

Watching your teenager drive off for the first time after they get their driver’s license can easily make you very nervous as a parent. You may also be shocked when it comes time to pay your auto insurance premium. Since teens are considered high risk drivers, they have some of the highest car insurance rates. If you are looking for the best way to keep your teen driver protected without emptying your bank account, keep these considerations in mind.

  • Know when to add your teen to your policy – depending on your insurance company, your current auto insurance coverage may provide enough protection while your teen has their permit. You may only have to specifically add them to your policy once they pass their driver’s test. If you can, you may want to hold off as long as possible to add your auto insurance policy to help keep your rates low.
  • Know what to do if you forgot – different insurance companies will automatically add your teen to your auto insurance policy when they get their license, which means that they will be covered if they have an accident. To ensure that you are safe and your claims will not be denied, make sure to call your insurance agent as soon as your teenager gets their license.
  • Consider their own policy – instead of adding your teen to your existing policy, you have the option to put them on their own policy. While this will keep the cost of your coverage low, it will make their policy very expensive since they cannot take advantage of any of the discounts that you have. Ask your insurance agent what the rates will be with both options to decide which is best for you.

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