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If a Tree Falls on My House, Am I Covered?

As a homeowner, you purchase insurance to cover your home in a variety of different situations, including damage that results from a tree that falls on your home. Regardless of whether the accident happened because of lightening, intense wind, or hail, your standard homeowners insurance policy will cover this and similar situations.

This is especially important for Texans because the state is susceptible to damage from hurricanes and severe windstorms. It isn’t unusual for trees to be entirely uprooted or for large branches to turn into projectiles from the intense force. In the aftermath of these sorts of weather situations, insurance companies typically won’t care about the tree’s origin.

Your insurance coverage extends to situations where your neighbor’s tree falls on your home, even if the tree fell because of their failure to maintain the tree to prevent this type of situation. In cases like this, your insurance company may use a process called subrogation to try to collect the money to cover damages from your neighbor’s insurance company.

If your insurance company does collect from the other company, your company may reimburse you for the amount of your deductible that you would have had to pay before your insurance took effect. Your coverage may also pay the cost of removing the tree.

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