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Top Apps to Rock Your Road Trip!

Top Apps to Rock Your Road Trip!

From got-your-back navigation tools to the best bathroom-pit-stop finders, download these handy apps!

Does your family have a road trip planned? Perhaps you and your buddies are hitting the open road soon? Whether it’s a spring getaway or a summer vacation, there’s a certain amount of planning that every driver should do.

Before you venture off into the distance, install these apps on your smartphone! Not only can they save you a bundle of time on the road, but it ensures the seamless getaway that you’ve always wanted.

Waze: The king of navigation apps, Waze offers multiple routes, real-time traffic updates, notifications about speed traps, and the power to compare gas station prices around you. It’s updated by regular drivers and is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. If the traffic ahead is predicted to have you sitting on the freeway for hours, the app will automatically re-route you so you avoid it!

Along the Way: This is the perfect guide for planning a trip in an unfamiliar territory. You can find parks, bars, shops, and landmarks along your route without detouring and excessively wandering!

Songza: Limited with your iPod and Pandora’s music station? Songza allows you to search for music and playlists based on your mood, genre, artist, activity, or decade. The playlists can be whittled down to specific feelings (think “driving in the second lane”), so be sure to grab this app for the perfect soundtrack! 

H-D Ride Planner: For all those motorcyclists out there, we haven’t forgotten you! Plan your route and select the scenic terrain with this app. It allows you to sync it to your dash-mounted GPS device for easy access and safe riding.

Whatever your road trip plans, be sure to review your auto insurance coverage before heading out on your travels! Securing a reliable policy will keep your family, finances, vehicles covered! Contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis in Austin, Texas today to get started on your policy!


Staying Healthy on Vacation

Vacations are a time to cut loose and enjoy yourself. It is important to make sure you stick to your healthy eating habits even while on vacation to make sure you can fully enjoy it. Following these healthy eating tips while on vacation will not only help keep you feeling thin, but will also provide you with enough energy to fully enjoy all of your vacation plans.

  • Do not splurge. Studies have shown that people tend to splurge on their meals when eating out, even if they eat healthy foods and portions throughout the day. This splurge is usually on fatty, high-calorie foods of larger proportions. Make sure to stick to your healthy eating routine while eating out and do not feel pressured to eat everything that is on the plate.
  • Have it your way. More and more restaurants are giving customers the option to customize their meals. This means that you can choose smaller portions or different, healthier ways for dishes to be prepared.
  • Walk. One of the major benefits of being on vacation is the scenery. Take advantage of all a location has to offer by walking as much as possible.
  • Hide the mini bar key. Not only are the items in a mini bar outrageously overpriced; there is usually nothing healthy in them. Avoid the mini bar all together to save your wallet and your waistline.
  • One treat a day. Allowing yourself one small treat a day can help you say no to more unhealthy items. It will also allow you to taste the specialties of the location.
  • Water is your friend. Make sure to keep on track with your water intake, especially while on vacation. It is easy to get off track not drink enough water while travelling.

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Protecting your home while on vacation

Going on vacation is an exciting time for you and your family. Unfortunately, it can also be an exciting time for burglars with the opportunity to break into your empty house. Protecting your house when you are away on vacation is much easier than you may think. A few simple steps could keep your house and belongings safe while you are on vacation.

The most important step you can take to protecting your home while you are away is to make it look occupied. Leave lights on or connect certain indoor lights to a timer so they come on when it gets dark. Ask a neighbor or friend to collect any mail or deliveries, or arrange with the Post Office to hold your mail while you are away so that they don’t pile up. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, arrange for your lawn to be mowed so it does not get overgrown.

When it comes to locks, don’t be frugal. Spending a little extra money on locks can help add a lot of security to your house. When investing in locks, don’t only think about your front and back door. Make sure to check your windows and sliding glass doors. Sliding glass doors are one of the most vulnerable areas of the house, so make sure to get a special lock to make your home more secure.

Make sure to keep any valuable items away from windows, or close the blinds when you leave the house. Any large outdoor items, such as motorcycles or lawnmowers should always be stored in locked sheds or garages.

Making a detailed list of items in your house that includes the original sale date, price, and serial numbers can protect your valuables in case of a break in . Also make a video record of any family heirlooms and antiques.

If you need any help protecting your home from intruders, or help making an inventory of items, contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis, located in Austin, Texas. They provide plans for your auto, personal, commercial, and home insurance needs.