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Will A Speeding Ticket Influence My Auto Insurance Premium?

Will A Speeding Ticket Influence My Auto Insurance Premium?

Austin Speeding Tickets and Insurance Rates We all know that getting a speeding ticket can be expensive, but many motorists forget the insurance implications of receiving a ticket. Since you have proven to be a risk taker by speeding, insurance companies will raise your insurance rates in order to provide you with sufficient coverage. If you think about it, those who have a tendency to speed are more likely to get in car accidents. Therefore, it only makes sense that you would pay more for auto insurance.

How long your speeding ticket stays on your record and continues to influence your auto insurance premium is dependent upon your particular state’s rules. Your speeding ticket can stay on your record anywhere from one year to three years. Depending on how fast you were going to receive the speeding ticket, the violation may stay on your record even when the points are removed. Therefore, insurance companies can see your reckless driving habits even a few years from now.

Many drivers are given the opportunity to take a defensive driving course or traffic school to remove the speeding ticket from their record. This option is typically only offered after a motorists’ first offense. If you are given the option, it is highly recommended that you take a defensive driving course. This course will not only clean up your driving record, but it will also reintroduce very important driving habits that may make you an overall better driver.

To avoid escalated insurance rates and paying the fines of a speeding ticket, simply refrain from speeding. When you speed, you put both yourself and others at risk for serious harm.

You deserve a comprehensive auto insurance policy that will offer you sufficient protection on the road. Contact the Insurance Agency of Dean Davis for all of your Austin, Texas auto insurance needs. We can help you receive discounts that will lessen the effects of a speeding ticket on your insurance premium.