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The Deadline for Open Enrollment is Coming — Don’t Miss it Or You’ll Go Without Coverage

The final deadline for open enrollment for a health insurance policy is March 31st, and it will arrive much sooner than you realize. It’s important to get coverage before this date in order to avoid penalties come tax time in 2015. If you miss the open enrollment deadline, you are essentially out of luck for coverage unless you have a qualifying event. Not having a qualifying event means you’ll be without any health insurance until the next open enrollment period begins.

Note that this is the only year that goes to March 31st for signups. The problems with the’s website caused officials to extend the enrollment period to accommodate those who were unable to enroll due to technical problems. The next time that the exchanges will open up isn’t until October 15, 2014, and it closes on January 15, 2015. This is to obtain health insurance coverage for 2015.

If you are avoiding signing up because you can’t afford a policy, you may qualify for a subsidy. All tiers of coverage can have their premium cost reduced by a subsidy, and this can make a basic policy that much more affordable.

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