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Dean Davis Insurance provides clients the auto and homeowners insurance solutions they need to protect themselves, their businesses, and their families. As our client, you can expect honest and personalized service. With our 100 years of combined experience, you can trust our team to help make the insurance process as efficient as possible.

We also take the headache out of ever shopping for insurance again. Once you purchase a policy through Dean Davis Insurance, we proactively shop for the best policy for you on an annual or bi-annual basis. This personalized care has helped us secure a 95% customer retention rate and work with families across multiple generations.

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Keith Davis, Co-Owner

I started working at the family business while attending UT in 1979. After a few years, I was hooked on helping people. Around that same time, I got engaged to my wife, Michelle, and the laws around insurance changed - auto liability insurance became mandatory in Texas.

Dean Davis Insurance needed to scale to keep up with the demand, and I wanted to take my career to the next level. I got licensed and I am happy to continue to serve the Austin community today, more than 42 years later!

My favorite thing about coming to work each day is meeting new people and building relationships. I get to lead people by the hand through the insurance maze.

One of my favorite cars is the Ford Bronco. I bought my first hard-topped Bronco many years ago and had a vision for rebuilding it and making it all-black. Then my wife, Michelle, said that she would prefer a red, convertible Bronco to let her hair blow in the breeze. That kicked off a passion for our family to work on Broncos. Over the years we’ve purchased and sold 30+ Broncos to rebuild, use for spare parts and to tinker with during the weekends.

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Mike Davis, Co-Owner

I started working at the family business when I was 19 years old as a file clerk while I was going to college. Like most young kids, I didn’t know what I wanted but saw the opportunity to progress my career and became a licensed agent shortly after. I trusted my dad (Dean) that this was the way to go for my career.

The people. I’ve known some of our clients for 20 to 30 years, and we’ve become friends. We’ve helped multiple generations of families.

My Chevelle SS. I like working on cars like the Chevelle because no one bothers me. I enjoy my time out in the country tinkering on things.

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Frida Gomez, Office Manager

I was a client of Dean Davis Insurance and jumped at the chance to join the team as a bilingual office manager when the position became available.

My favorite thing about this business is that we get to talk to a lot of new people and make people happy with our competitive prices.

Chevy Camaro

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Dean Davis, Founder

I started in the insurance business on April 21, 1958, working as a life insurance salesman in Houston, TX. People kept asking me if I was also able to insure cars and homes, so I started up with Allstate in 1964 to broaden my portfolio. I worked my way up to becoming a sales manager and moved to Austin in 1966 to help manage the Austin area.

In 1969, I decided to open my own insurance business as an independent broker. I made friends with other insurance agents who pointed customers in my direction if they couldn’t write their business. And the rest is history.

I love the people. They are honest, hardworking people looking for help. Insurance can be confusing, and I like to make it simpler. I also like to hear people’s stories and have even acted as a marriage counselor or therapist at times.

I also love being an independent small business owner. I joke that I can’t get fired. But seriously, I like having the control to find the best companies to offer and best serve the customer.

We’re here every day for our customers. If you want to talk with Keith, he’s right here. If you want to talk with Mike, you can easily reach him. Some agents are hard to get a hold of and don’t have a rapport with their clients. That’s where we’re different. We also don’t like to be pushy or solicit business. If you like us, you will naturally tell your friends and family about us. That’s how we get our business.

And now, Keith and Mike have helped to scale the business with technology. When I graduated from high school in 1953, the most modern thing we had was a slide ruler. We’ve come a long way.

Jaguar XKE. I joined the Jaguar Club of Austin in 1978 and have rebuilt 2 Jaguars - a 1956 XK 140 and a 1970 XKE roadster coup. I started working on cars because I didn’t know how, but now I do it because it gives me something to do around the house. Plus, you save a lot of money and I’m cheap, ha.

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